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$99 360º Photo/VR Kit: 8K 360º Spherical/HDR4032

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

A threat or an Opportunity?

Dermandar and StereoStitch Co-Founder and CEO Elie-Gregoire Khoury gave me a demo Friday (3 March 2017) of the Beta version of his VR Kit that can create a perfect 8K 360º photo sphere - with no seams - HDR on Android - and no hole in the zenith.

The to-be-named VR Kit will be available for $99 in April 2017 and include:

✓ rotator device (tiltable to make the hole in the top to go away)
✓ fish-eye lens for smartphone
✓ VR Viewer
✓ App (free)
✓ HD ready
✓ university clip
✓ optional cover
✓ Optional Extra: 3D 360º stereoscopic)

(The demo in this video uses the Beta VR Kit.)

Our discussion in this video (above), includes:

✓ Dermandar (DMD Panorama) and licensed tech; 10 million downloads
✓ Good Gyros needed in mobile devices
✓ The Magic Maker
✓ Cylinder and spherical stitching
✓ Fish-eye lens meets smartphone
✓ DSLR fish-eye lens
✓ 9 shots to create 360º for stitching
✓ We recommend fish-eye lens for mobile devices
✓ API and SDK – put in your app – available that plays nice with various smartphone fish-eye lens adaptors
✓ 8K resolution x 4K resolution
✓ Instant stitching on device
✓ rotate your body or use a rotator device (wind it up and it rotates itself)
✓ use our SDK (beta) in your app
✓ list of supported lens (in-app)
✓ nadir: see patch example
✓ beta app is the child of Dermandar
✓ share via Facebook
✓ VR View
✓ BubblePod rotator (BubblPix tech has the Dermandar tech)
✓ Objects can be very close because the smartphone is rotating on the nodal point.
✓ VR Kit from Dermandar: VR Viewer, Lens for Camera, Rotator ($99) - Perfect 8K Pictures (includes consumer mount on the bottom)
✓ Above works for immoviewer platform (8K versus Ricoh Theta S: $100 versus $300)
✓ on the iPhone 7 Plus, you can use the front and back lens
✓ Correction: Matterport Camera is $3,600 as of 1 March 2017

This is Video 1 of 3. Please look for videos 2 and 3.




VR Kit Demo – 360ºs
Video: InstaAir Air 360º spherical video - Live Stream
(Known issue about lips syncing: will be fixed with firmware upgrade)

Video: Insta360 Air Live Stream Demo to YouTube
(Known issue about lips syncing: will be fixed with firmware upgrade)/]VR Kit Demo – 360ºs[/url]
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Hi All,

What's amazing in this second video is that Elie reveals that the VR Kit also includes a free app to create tours - hotspots linking the 360º spheres together AND VR Live Streaming ...

Elie describes that the VR Kit (April 2017) will also include two additional free apps:

✓ VR Live - captures a 360º and then the dynamic content from 180ºs is streamed live (4K)
✓ 360º Visit App (Create a Virtual Tour) - hotspots added in the app. [platform]
✓ Blue-Tooth detection: face detection (follows you)

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Please see Part 3 of 3 of my chat with Dermandar and StereoStitch Co-Founder and CEO Elie-Gregoire Khoury in this discussion:

StereoStitch: Stereoscopic 360º Live/Record


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mcatino private msg quote post Address this user
With all the players in this game it is starting to seem sooner more than later no one will need anyone to do this.
With rumors about the iPhone 8 and Google Street view on a Theta-S everyone will do their own vitural tour. My guess is Matterport will be bought by Google.
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petervaughn private msg quote post Address this user
I totally want this!

I have prosumer needs and this fits perfectly.
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mcatino private msg quote post Address this user
@petervaughn most small businesses have prosumer needs as well up-selling MP was difficult for me to grasp and a unstable peer group price wise too boot. For the record I still believe 100 % in MP technology but just like my first mac I'll wait to see what happens to Matterport and until then support you all fully.

The digital age is what made me sell all of my darkroom equipment, 4x5 camera, 2 1/4 camera and all of my nikon film cameras for next to nothing. With the web taking precedence over the printed piece not too many people really need a single 30 meg file at 300 DPI in the VR world.

I returned the MP camera I purchased last week based on those I have talked with and approached to doing MPVT's. I and going to try a different approach in and hopes it that takes off I will then get a MP camera.
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