I recently posted a Matterport tour here on WGA. The tour embeds at 480x274, which is a little bit small, but you can of course click on 'full screen'.

In viewing an embedded tour in full screen, I noted that the tour seemed a bit blockier than I would expect it to.

I compared viewing a Matterport Tour at Full Screen that was embedded on WGA vs. a Matterport Tour that was loaded as an external link.

The embedded tour in full screen mode loaded 512k and 1k tiles. The external linked tour loaded 512k, 1k and 2k tiles and thus was much sharper.

This is, in fact, a bug with Showcase, as it should detect that the size of the player has expanded in Full Screen mode and should begin streaming 2k tiles.

Please note, this has nothing to do with the We Get Around Network Forum incorrectly embedding tours. It's a bug with Showcase.

Open Example in New Window

Developer Tools Network Tab for Full Screen from an Embedded Tour (480px width):

Developer Tools Network Tab for Full Screen from a Directly Linked Tour: