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Luxury Fitness Club Network - what to reply4022

DmitriyReev private msg quote post Address this user
Dear colleagues,

we are negotiating with very big fitness club network. They don't have 3D tours yet and even panoramic tours. Good. So, see please what they reply on our proposal to make tours for them and what they ask:

"Dmitriy, we have not seen the figures showing that the presence of 3D-tour on the fitness club webpage increases the conversion of the page with all other things being equal. Now we are thinking about the A/B-test. Thank you."

and another one:

"Dmitriy, it's not just an issue about a regular cleaning. In every moment there are some flaws in every club. This specificity of our business, almost unreal to maintain dozens of clubs with areas of several thousand square meters each in perfect condition. We do not know about your policy, but the policy of Google 3D-tours does not allow correcting of deficiencies in the images.
In addition, our testing of online sales to new customers has shown that for business at this stage is more profitable to live without online sales to new customers, it is dictated by a segment in which we operate and the premium to the market, which we take. Our goal - to bring a potential customer to the club to look the club personally, accompanied by the sales staff, to feel the atmosphere and to learn from the sales manager what the club can give, and to receive answers to all their questions "on the fly". 3D tours can’t do it, so the conversion of the tour into sales of abonnements is to be very low. Therefore, we doubt that it is necessary to continue to experiment with 3D-tours."

Can you please advise what to reply on this? May be somebody had such questions from clients? May be somebody had some history with fitness clubs already?

I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot and a great business to all!

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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport tours keep people on the webpage for 3 - 5 minutes longer allowing more time for the possible client to fall in love with the facility.

The selling agents now get the ability to show the clients key parts of the club the potential client inquired about without leaving the office (not the flaws). Let the buyer ask questions that allow you to train the selling agent to act on certain keywords to show the client "virtually "what they are looking for.

When potential clients leave, you now have a tool to send them reminding of the +'s. If a husband or wife needs to sign off on the obligation to join, they can now be included by seeing facility without ever walking in. The selling agents need to expose the +'s, not occasional flaws.

Google maps isn't just going to offer leads that are ready willing and able. This is a tool that offers the ability to virtually clean up objections before allowing a lead to fall off the deep end. This product is a tool. Tools in the tool box do nothing if there's no hand to operate the machinery.
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DmitriyReev private msg quote post Address this user
@VTLV thank you! Very useful reply! rgds, Dmitriy
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Also show them how they can have the 3D model on an iPad to have the model available offline to show to interested people who inquire at reception desk or to bring to trade shows.

This strategy works great for hotel clients. It's one thing to have it on their website, but its even better when they are there giving the demonstration to potential customers themselves.
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DSPhoto private msg quote post Address this user
You can also scan around or hide scans that show flaws.
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DmitriyReev private msg quote post Address this user
Dear friends,

any other ideas/advices please? Thank you in advance!

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