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Video: SurrealVR by 3DVUE luxury home visualization for custom home builder client, Centex Homes.

SurrealVR is 3DVUE’s flagship 3D walk-through service for unbuilt spaces.

Premium visual quality with the added functionality to dynamically change:

✓ materials
✓ furniture
✓ fittings
✓ operate doors/windows/electronic equipment
✓ play video on tv/cinema screens

SurrealVR is aimed at high end luxury residential and large scale commercial
developments where only the best visual presentation will do.

SurrealVR works best when viewed in ‘offline’ mode. Meaning the visualization
will operate as an application running on a local computer (Mac and PC supported).

Webmobile versions can also be created if your clients request it.

Click here to view a video example of an unbuilt luxury home visualized
using SurrealVR.

Special Offer

We Get Around Network Basic, Standard and Premium Members receive discounted pricing on SurrealVR 3D Walk Throughs.

Please see your Welcome Onboard Letter for the We Get Around 3DVUE Promo Code Request Form. (Private Message me for the password)

About 3DVUE

3DVUE is a professional 3D architectural visualizations company based in Melbourne, Australia. 3DVUE services clients worldwide, focusing on creating high-quality 3D renderings for:

✓ Architects
✓ Developers
✓ Builders
✓ 3D Tour Pros

3DVUE is a multidisciplinary design and visualization team working across the fields of architecture and interactive media. 3DVUE works with clients to create emotive and engaging media to represent their brand.