Since 2.15.2 (2/22/17):

- Enabled WebGL support for Microsoft EDGE Browser ('experimental-webgl')

- Refined Spanish Translation (&lang=es)
-- Mattertag™ Contenido -> Contenido de Mattertag™
-- Matterport condiciones -> Matterport términos de uso
-- Acercarse -> Acercar
-- Alejarse -> Alerjar
-- etc.

- Refined French UI Translation (&lang=fr)
-- Also added a French Terms of Service (prev: English)

- This is a minor release.
- WebVR Showcase is still at v0.3.2 which was released 2/1. Microsoft EDGE does not fully support WebGL, thus Microsoft requires developers to initialize it explicitly as 'experimental-webgl', instead of 'webgl'. It would be assumed that in doing this, Matterport tested it on Microsoft EDGE and were happy enough with the results to enable it.