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scanning for legal purposes?396

BrettMtn private msg quote post Address this user
Has anyone had experiences scanning for use in court cases? I had a personal injury attorney contact me about scanning a space that his case is focused on - a restaurant where a customer was burned by a waitress spilling a cup of hot water on them. He wants to be able to show the jury the space in the courtroom and still photos don't tell the whole story. Just curious if anyone has been using their matterport for this type of work. If so, how do you charge? Lawyers generally have deeper pockets than realtors and he flat out told me that my prices were lower than he expected (while realtors are saying they are too high). Has anyone had positive and/or negative experiences using the 3D showcase in court? I've already told him that he will need to have internet access to view the showcase and he's planning on using a mobile hotspot to his laptop and then projecting the laptop to a screen to show the jury. Thoughts?
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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
As long as your not taking measurements, you should be fine, but plan on going to court if they want to discredit the images. Make sure you have it in writing that you will get paid if you have to go and continue to get paid until it's over- can last months if you include depositions. Never use the word EXPERT. There's a lot more involved, but if your just giving the image...shouldn't be a problem.
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smcclell private msg quote post Address this user
Good advice @cctucker

I've seen that forensics use the industrial scanners at times for crime scenes also. Don't know if I want to do the images for them at murder scenes though :/
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BrettMtn private msg quote post Address this user
@ccctucker thanks! Do you think taking measurements in workshop would be an issue? If I gave access to the attorneys and let them use it as a tool for measuring and laying out the scene would that be better than doing it myself? Would you charge differently for this type of scan?

@smcclell I wouldn't want to scan a murder scene either! Maybe after the body is removed it would be ok though.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah I'd be careful with measurement. MP says it's 98% accurate, but I have experienced different.
If they don't have Internet access you can always load the model up, although that might be risky if their laptop/tablet turns off. Hot spot your phone if you have to, but check ahead to male sure they will allow that
Most court rooms don't allow mobile phones
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BrettMtn private msg quote post Address this user
thanks @jamie good points!
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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
Crime scenes are no different than houses, I use a $50000 faro scanner and you just have more flexibility with it (daylight, night, ect...). We really only use it to get the point cloud and draw our diagrams from it. They have a program called webshare that is just like the MP walkthru. The MP would be great for forensics if I could register the scans myself...can't send off the data for the cloud thing.

Anyways, you can always use then MP output for basic civil court stuff If your showing an environment for jurors, the McDonald's ball pit looked like this and it was located in this portion of the store. What gets people into trouble is when you have to verify technical data that is not 100% accurate. In forensics, we always capture a measuring device to help show scale in case it becomes a question for items that we are measuring (skid marks). With the matterport, I would always question it, as some shots might be close to exact, and others may not. If you want to lose your dignity, get grilled by a lawyer on the stand and be wrong....or worse, be perceived that your wrong and have no recourse to really sucks

Scanners are new to the courts and I don't want to be the guy that messes it up for everyone. Tread lightly and know exactly what your client wants before you get involved in the legal system with a MP. You may have to have MP get involved also to bail you out if someone may be harmed if your $?
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