In previous posts I talked about getting the agent or business owner to stand next to the camera. This talks about how to get most of your client base to do it.

By creating a photo silhouette next to the camera and then with something like "You Here" then something like

"You use Matterport Marketing....why not let your prospective clients know it? Have us come by and get a picture of you next to the camera and then post it using our marketing scripts that your friends, family, clients and fans will see and's free just let us do it when we do your next model or have us come by the office if you don't have anything new you want to do. Having this will boost your branding and help show you as a premium property marketing agent. Sellers want to see their next agent using the latest and coolest tools. Call us now so we can swing by and get you that social media boost today!"

so this might get you more orders but at the very least it gets you a face to face...take the photo upload it to their social media for them ...THEN softly ask for business....softly :-)

if this doesn't help you look better, get a scan or two and make you feel awesome then I will eat my hat :-)