I posted here a while back with a very simple 360 video I made from a Matterport OBJ file that just spiraled around the exterior of a model, and everyone seemed pretty underwhelmed.

But I've moved on to bigger and better 360 videos! I made a few videos of flythroughs that ended with the original exterior dollhouse view, but I held off posting them here because I had an idea for an even better idea: a 360 video that transitions back and forth between two versions of a Matterport scan to show off the before and after renovations.

The OBJ files are completely unretouched, which is pretty obvious while watching the video, but I think it's interesting how good the models are despite this.

The problems that I could fix the next time around are to use better models. The before model especially is pretty crappy. When I did that scan, I primarily did it to make a floor plan of the property for planning the renovation, so I didn't do a fantastic job of covering the entire space and marking and trimming precisely. I think that if I was to do scans with this particular video as a goal for an end-product, it would be important to have very high quality scans and models.

(I actually have some high quality before and after scans that I'm going to use for this, but I can't share them yet because they are for a TV show that I'm working on! More on that once I can share.)