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iGuide Camera: Top 5 underrated features3900

iGuide Chris_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
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From a photographer’s perspective, here is a top 5 list of things I think are great about the iGuide camera system that are totally underrated:

1. You can use almost any smart device you want and you can switch to another device anytime during a shoot without losing any data.

You can use a phone, tablet, or even a laptop to capture data with the iGuide camera system. You can also switch devices without losing any data because all the information is stored on the camera itself.

I use my phone most of the time because it’s light and portable. If I chose to I could turn off my phone mid-shoot and connect to the camera with an ipad. The data would load on to the new device right where I left off.

2. All the data gathered is stored on camera on a regular USB drive and not the device you are using to operate it.

The amount of storage on your smart device is irrelevant so there is no need to spend more money for more storage capacity. USB drives are cheap and plentiful so adding more storage is easy.

I switch USB drives frequently with no issues and if I run out of space I can pick up another drive at almost any store.

3. The range of the laser is over 30 feet.

One scan point is often enough to cover a whole room. This means you have the option of creating more scans to increase walkability if you desire to.

I use this to my advantage by placing panoramas as far apart as possible to save time and placing them closer together for better street view style navigation.

4. The camera has enormous battery life.

The system battery can be run for more than 10 hours continuously.

I don’t worry about the battery running out on huge jobs. I can focus on gathering data and navigating around obstacles.

5. The workflow doesn’t have to be linear. Shoot the house in whatever order you like.

When operating the camera system there is no order that must be followed when moving through the house. You can jump around from room to room in whatever order is most convenient.
This is extremely useful in a scenario where agents and homeowners are present during a shoot. If people are in your way you can navigate around them and then return later to capture any room you may have missed.

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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Chris_iGuide one of the things I love about iGuide is that the 3D scanner that is used for floorplan creation is always on and is not tied to creation of images. I am curious to know what, if any, use the 3D data has for a third party interested in developing with iGuide.
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Helen private msg quote post Address this user
@Metroplex360 I would love the scanner system while I am doing walkthrough video's to create floor plans. @Chris_iGuide is there any option for this as a stand alone without the whole system with the camera?
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Kitchener, Canada
Alex_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
@Metroplex360 Chris, I have to make a correction. The iGuide camera uses a 2D laser scanner (lidar). iGuide captures 2D point cloud which is enough to build great floor plans and use them for navigation and also for room measurements and square footage analysis that agents need right away once they get their listing. The 3D tour comes from the use of panoramas. While iGuide camera does not collect 3D point cloud, because it uses a calibrated lens, the collected data supports making 3D measurements, for example, measuring distance between two 3D points in space, but that is another story.

For a 3D tour of a home, floor plans and 360 images provide enough information. Complete 3D scan of space may be an overkill. For example, if you need to measure how long your table is, you do not need to make a 3D scan of it, tape measure works just fine.
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Alex_iGuide I'm sorry for my incorrect terminology. I don't tend to think or work with 3D and had misappropriated '3D'.

I usually think of the Z axis as being 3D... and when -I- think of the Z axis, I'm thinking that a panorama is X & Y and that the distance into the photograph (that doesn't really exist) is Z. The 2D Lidar scanner is really scanning what I perceive to be the X and Z axises. It lacks the Y axis.

I think it's quite smart that iGuide made this choice. The third axis is useful for Matterport tours to allow people to walk up stairs. I don't think it's a game changer though when applied to a Realtor tour. I think that in theory, if iGuide wanted to connect multiple floors, that an icon could be inserted by a staircase that takes someone upstairs. It saves the person a cumbersome climb up boring stairs.


Getting to my point, you answered my question in that iGuide captures a 2D point cloud. What I would love to try is to see if I could convert that point cloud into an object that Three.js could use and create a 3D tour without the Y axis. And yes, I am probably driving you nuts by misappropriating 3D again... but in a 3D world, I imagine that the Y axis would not be used.

If iGuide captures a point cloud and panoramas and one could download the point cloud -- could a third party NOT create a player within a 3D world where the panoramas are placed in a 3D space and additionally, other objects could also be placed?

It's perhaps just a silly idea of mine. I understand that the point cloud would not be textured and that the end result would likely be a tech demo for fun. My brain has been running quite a bit recently with a lot of what if scenarios.

And one of the things I do love about iGuide is the clever use of that 2D Lidar laser scanner From watching videos, it seems to be an extremely accurate device that accurately capture the most important information -- allows for floorplans to be created and allows for SQFT measurement. It's always on and it is super fast.

As Chris points out -- there's an excellent 'web app' that works in the cloud. That 2D data populates to show what areas have been measured in realtime. How cool is that?
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