Video: Co-Founder MIchael Rossi demos to We Get Around Network Forum Founder Dan Smigrod at Inman Connect New York 2017.


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Dan Smigrod: [00:00:02] Hi. I am Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. And joining me today at Inman Connect in New York City 2017 is....

Michael Rossi: [00:00:12] Michael Ross the co-founder of RealMailers. I'm going to give you a great opportunity to enhance your photography with your clients.

Dan Smigrod: [00:00:20] Michael can you take us through a demo here.

Michael Rossi: Of course, I would love to. Thanks for stopping by Dan. So what we've done is we've created a fully transparent direct mail platform. And what we do is we allow ... we're actually the only platform in the marketplace that allows individual agents or photographer or anyone in the industry to be able to target users or target potential buyers for a property. So what I'm going do right now is I'm going to take you through how our platform works. So right now what you're seeing is ... you're seeing 2,000 potential recipients of a direct mail piece and we all know that unless you use direct mail incredibly well it doesn't have the ROI. So, I actually own a brokerage company in Manhattan and and we've been able to take direct mail and actually create a very positive ROI in excess of six or seven hundred percent for our individual agents in our individual case and this is how we do it.

Dan Smigrod: [00:01:16] So while Michael takes you through the demo. Think of yourself as a Matterport Service Provider, you are a professional photographer; you shooting professional photography and now here is your up-sell opportunity not only to help your client succeed faster with a targeted direct mail piece using your photography, but also an opportunity to increase your business. So Michael. ...

Michael Rossi: [00:01:39] So, then what Dan has in mind is using your professional photographer for photographs using our platform which really provides a wholesale direct mail experience allowing you to targeting great value for your clients. So for 50 cents a piece you could create a postcard. And this is how we're going to provide value using your photographs.

So what I'm looking at here is two thousand potential direct mail recipients. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to say that ... you know the market really well because you drive through these neighborhoods and you're shooting these direct mail pieces. So I'm going to create a targeted shape around the specific neighborhood.... So right now you have a targeted audience that you that you know would be a recipient for are our potential purchaser for your property that you're shooting. So, right now what happened is this went from 2,000 to 234 homes. Now would you want to do now is you want to target people that are that similar measure of size.

So what you're going to do is instead of targeting all homes in this neighborhood you're going to target four bedroom homes and larger. And then from there you're going to say you know what people who haven't who purchased in the last five years are not a good target.

So right now I'm going to target 126 homes people who bought before 2012 because they would be a good buyer for this individual property.

So then you think and you know what this is too large of an audience for my client and he's selling a six bedroom home or a five bedroom home. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to target all five bedroom homes.

Now you have 63 homes for $55 now $55 gets you a piece like this. Now we're going to do is we're going to say you could either use a six by 11 piece for fifty five dollars each. Or you could send the four by six piece for twenty five dollars each. Now what you're going to do is you're going to say OK I like this. This concept here and I'm going to use these recipients to send my mail to. Now once you do that which you can do is you can easily pay. But when I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how you can use ... ... your photographs. In our templates or create your own templates to send out a mailpiece.

Michael Rossi: [00:03:50] So here you what you do is you select. Four by six. You would go to next. And with that would do is they would pull up a template. Here's where you'd be able to display your high end photography and use one of our templates to create a mail piece. Now separately with what you can do is if you create your own templates and you want to create real value for your clients and an an additional charge. You could actually upload your own templates 4" by 6" .. 6" by 9".. 6" by 11". Once you do that you go back to targeting and what you'll notice is what you were originally targeted the 63 homes were $55 is still it's still being rendered. You go to payment over here. You click make what you're going to do is it's going to it's going to generate a preview for you. And, now this is going to be a principal .. .PDF. So, what you're going to be able to do is you're going to be able to download this .PDF using your high resolution photography on your printer and you're going to be able to show this to your client. So, we're going to render this .PDF in a second and you're going to be able to show it.

Dan Smigrod: [00:04:52] So we are we are at a technology show and of course the Internet is running very slowly. So not a reflection on their services just simply so so many devices on the network things come to a screeching halt.

Michael Rossi: [00:05:03] Screeching halt. So now you have a principal .PDF using your postcard - your photography - messaging that you've approved with your client and now you could create this piece. So we would we would be able to provide you at fifty cents apiece. You would use your knowledge of the marketplace to target a specific area using our filtering capabilities and technology. You would then be able to get an approval to send out a postcard and and and from my experience in the marketplace you could sell this service for anywhere from a $1.50 to $2 that we're giving you for 50 cents.

Dan Smigrod: [00:05:36] So imagine you've already shot the house. You have professional pictures and you go back to your client say, "Oh by the way, would you like to do a mailing? I can target the Zip Code down to this ... geography running a polygon, a number of bedrooms ... and really be quite focused so you can go back to your client for projects that cost $50 bucks, you can charge $150, $250 and you made it easy, fast and simple for your client to be able to order a direct mail. Now the great thing as a photographer you're not going to a print shop and doing this. You put in your credit card you hit pay and then how long until it's actual sale.

Michael Rossi: [00:06:17] So within four to six days your postcard will be mailed to your individual residence. So what our API connects the multiple fulfillment centers across the United States. So, the fulfillment center close to you will will print; get this to the postal service and it's an incredible high quality, high glossy great representation for your photograph.

Dan Smigrod: [00:06:36] So so what we're talking about is an easy, fast and simple and an affordable solution as a professional photographer to repurpose your content in a way that can help you generate money and at the same time for your real estate clients to help them whether it's to help them get more and bigger listings more often or help them sell that particular listing.

So, you can see how that works. Now what we've been able to work out here we didn't connect New York City 2017 is a special offer for Basic, Standard and Premium members of the We get Around Network Forum to be able to save 10 percent on an ongoing basis on all your mailing. So really fantastic opportunity. Michael thanks for taking the time to show me. And, I am Dan Smigrod Founder. We Get around Network Forum; at Inman Connect New York City 2017. Thanks again Michael.

Michael Rossi: [00:07:34] Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your team.