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Matterport to Launch VR Viewing without App3805

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
I could imagine that Matterport will launch VR Viewing - that does not require an iOS or Android app – very soon.

This is big news.

(I'll defer to the techs in the community to explain how this is possible with Google Chrome.)

Viewing Matterport Spaces in VR - without an an app - is super-big news because it makes it easy and fast to see Matterport Spaces in VR.

For those of us using Matterport VR, we know that a bottleneck is asking people to download the Matterport iOS or Android app to view a space. It's a extra - unnecessary step.

While Matterport has not officially announced Matterport VR Viewing without an app, I feel confident that this announcement is imminent because:

1. a confidential, reliable source told me this at Inman Connect NY 2017 (and I talk about it in this video)
2. The ground-breaking work by @Metroplex360 as discussed in this Forum discussion today (1 February 2017):

Showcase v2.14.3 released - It's Big.

How important is Matterport VR Viewing - without requiring an app?

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SailAway private msg quote post Address this user
I do see improvements in rendering for sure. Much cleaner and crisper lines. I also noticed the color is closer to the actual thing.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@SailAway You're the second person who has stated this. I haven't heard ANYTHING from Matterport on this - although I DO know that they have made changes in their cloud processing that have included removal of the data that MP2SQFT used for showing surface area measurements.

Anyone else noticed changes in how tours are rendering?
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DannyBasting private msg quote post Address this user
This e-mail from Matterport I received yesterday does refer to some changes in their model processing pipeline. Doesn't state what kind of changes they made though. See text below.

Dear AEC Beta Testers,

We have recently had an issue introduced into our model processing pipeline that is in some cases causing issues with our 3D output. The issue, when it occurs, appears as a curved floor and a mismatch in location between different floors.

Rest assured that this is a high priority issue for Matterport and we will resolve it as quickly as possible. Once it has been resolved, affected models will be reprocessed and the data will be re-posted to you.
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walk360 private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod This is great news for me!
couple of my big customers have been complaining about having to download an app to be able to see their models in VR... so this is great for me!! hope this happens soon

Thanks for the update!
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Cardboard owners will love this. And, it would be amazing if Matterport found a way to let Gear VR users view models that ran the official Gear VR models run. I've seen a couple of VR tours that use WebVR that work with Cardboard. You simply visit a tour using your phone, tap an icon and put your phone in your headset to explore it in VR.

You could do that with a Gear VR but

1) You have to deactivate the Gear VR service first. If you don't, the Oculus software launches when you put your phone in the Gear VR. When that happens, you're taken to the Oculus home screen. That's why people install apps like Package Disabler. They can then view a WebVR site on their phone, put the phone in the Gear VR and see the tour running in the Gear VR.

The only downside to that is you lose the benefits that the Gear VR headset provides. Software and hardware in the Gear VR help create that smooth high-quality experience not found in Cardboard. Otherwise, everybody would be using Cardboard. However, I've found when I go this route -- making the Gear VR act like a Cardboard headset, I can at least navigate via gaze, ie looking at way points.

Additionally, you can't use the Gear VR's button to do things like take screenshots when the Gear VR is not running in Gear VR mode.

So I'm looking forward to seeing how Matterport might give Gear VR owners the full Gear VR experience without installing a Gear VR app. If they can't, users will have to disable the Gear VR service every time they want to view an app-less model and re-enable it after they finish viewing the model.

To prove this is true, use your phone to visit YouTube, play a 360 video and tap the VR icon which splits the video into two halves. When you put your phone in the Gear VR, all that vanishes as the Oculus software launches and shows you the home screen. Run Package Disabler before you put the phone in, and you'll see the video in 360.

I wonder if Samsung made the Gear VR like this on purpose so that it's a whole lot of trouble to prevent Oculus from starting up when you put your phone in the headset. That's why there's a pretty big demand for apps like Package Disabler that let Gear VR owners run Cardboard apps.

One possible ray of hope would be that if we install the Samsung Internet Browser for Mobile (it supports WebVR) that could work. Conceivably you'd use that mobile browser -- instead of your regular mobile browser -- to visit a page that has a Matterport model. You'd tap the eyeglasses icon, the screen would split into two halves and you put the phone into the Gear VR.

Once there, the Internet version of the Samsung Internet browser launches and shows you the model. That's working now with YouTube. But again, users would have to install the Samsung Internet Browser for Mobile because it's not already on your Galaxy phone. All the phone has by default is the Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR -- a separate browser.

This would be a one-time installation but someone who wanted to see a Matteport app-less model would still have to install one app -- the Samsung browser.

If that all works, it will be great. I simply use the Samsung browser to view a Matterport model and put the phone into the Gear VR to continue the experience there. From tests that I've done with YouTube, even my Bluetooth controller works with the headset on because the Gear VR is running a Gear VR app.

I hope that works because as long as I use my Samsung's Web browser to view a model, it is indeed plug and play. Put your phone in the Gear VR and view your model. However, if this Samsung brower method does not work and Matterport hasn't invented something we don't know about, Gear VR owners will always have to disable and re-enable their phone's Gear VR service.
Re-enabling it requires you to restart your phone. That's the big downside using Package Disabler. And if you forget to re-enable that service, your Gear VR doesn't work until you do.
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Vince_MccrayT private msg quote post Address this user
Yes its strange. Its always worked for me as well by tapping on the icon. The actual VR link wont work. It never has for me and Matterport says it will not either.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
This is an interesting speculation topic ..

"Apple's VR secrecy should have Google, HTC and Microsoft worried"
An Apple headset is coming, and it's going to leave the competition for dead

The article says that Apple wasn't the first to come out with an MP3 player, smartphone or tablets. Yet, when they finally released a smartphone, the iPhone, it helped change the world.

It does seem strange that Apple seemingly hasn't done anything with VR when just about everybody else, including Sony with its Playstation VR, has. What if Apple surprises the world with an amazing device that, as the article speculates,

"makes all the others on the market look clunky and outdated, leaving the competition for dead."

And what if it only worked on IOS? Tables might turn.
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