Hi all,

one question to you. Please advise. I have as target one 2-story shopping mall (total area is 6000 m2, around 40x75m building). I'd like to scan public zones (white zones on the attached picture) and outside all around. The total area of "white zones" is 1200 m2 (per 600 m2 per floor). Can I make such scanning and get nice dollhouse view (facade and 2 floors of public zones)? And after that to start making 3d tours for each shop in this mall as separate 3d showcase. When people will navigate via public zones they will see mattertag on the shop door with link for 3d tour for this shop. What do you think? is it possible to do? And is it possible somehow later to fill in black gaps of these small shops with some pictures in 3d showcase model of public zones? if not clear I can answer your questions. Thank you for your advises! rgds, Dmitriy