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Matterport and immoviewer combined?3742

Rootsyloops private msg quote post Address this user
I really dislike the look of the highlight bar on the screen when viewing a matterport tour, but without having it displayed, I've noticed, most users don't seem to know there are additional 360 views. I thought about having a mattertag on a door that leads to an immoview tour of the lot/land, but then there would be no way to lead back into the matterport tour, correct? I would love a more elegant solution that allows the user to move between the inside and outside and just wondered if I'm missing something.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Rootsyloops See my post about my new MatterPlus feature. I'm hoping Matterport might see the idea and be inspired.
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Rootsyloops private msg quote post Address this user
Metroplex360: I've actually had the question doling around in my head for a few months, and your post on Matterplus finally pushed me into action! That would help, but I'd really like to be able to "walk" around the exterior and then re-enter the house. It seems like there is almost that solution with immoviewer..... but not quite.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Rootsyloops - Oh, I see what you are saying. Matterport is not likely to ever do this. I would be so shocked if they did since their platform is completely dependent on mapping the panos within the 3D Model. Outside shots have nothing to map to and since their use case is not to shoot with the same tour density as inside panos, I seriously doubt that there's any initiative inside of Matterport to create automated linking via image analysis like you would see with Google Street View.

If someone decided to make a full outside tour that was linked together beautifully, I could easily make a system wherein the link to it was injected into the highlight reel and would launch as an overlay. I think that seeing this happen would be quite rare.

As a note, the free viewer that I've integrated (PanoLens) does support addition of MatterTag like hotspots that would link between panos -- but building an infrastructure to create those links doesn't seem worth it to me. Again, I would not expect that there are many tours out there wherein the photographer shot contiguous 360 views that would benefit.

Maybe I'm wrong?
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Rootsyloops private msg quote post Address this user
I shoot a lot of homes where the gardens, ocean and dock views are as much or more of a selling point than the homes. I live in The Florida Keys, and often living space is designed to flow out onto the porch and into the gardens.

I agree that Matterport tech isn't likely to branch off in this direction, so it would probably be more a matter of a third party solution (ie. Immoviewer) offering linking/hotspots so that a user could go back inside the Matterport Tour. Again, I can create the indoor and the outdoor tour, and link from indoors (Matterport) to outdoor (Immoviewer) via a Mattertag - but there's no way back into the house (Matterport Tour).

I guess I should reach out to Immoviewer and see if I can get that on the wish-list.
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Expertise private msg quote post Address this user
Or, just go with
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Rootsyloops -- actually, if you ARE going to use MatterTags to link to an external tour -- like Immoviewer or a custom pano -- you could potentially link back to the Matterport Tour by using the 'U' key to get a direct link.

The only problem is that Matterport open external (non Matterport) URLs in a new tab. There's no way to control the link target (yet). I advocate that we suggest opening link targets as a lightbox within the same window.

... and I will add, that I can create a custom 'hack' like MatterPlus that would block the open in new window behavior. I just do not like the idea of promoting my 'hacks' as solutions, because they are truly only proof-of-concepts. They use proxying to allow them to function, which slows down their performance -- and they are not officially sanctioned by Matterport, therefore, they could be terminated at any time if Matterport wish. They are my form of hacktivism -- using hacking to make a point -- wherein I am proactively advocating new features by making a demo of what they would be like.
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Rootsyloops private msg quote post Address this user
Metroplex360 - I love your "hacktivism"! It definitely sends a great message. If I had the I.Q. and skill to be a "hacktivist", I would most certainly do the same! Thank you for all of your thoughts on this (and also for all of your previous input on the forum - it has helped me many times).

Expertise - I don't really love the Realvision solution, but it's a good point that it allows the seamless flow between indoor and outdoor space.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Rootsyloops I don't know that it's an IQ thing. I have a background in web development and programming. I would wager that there are several people on here with a higher IQ than mine who might not be programmers
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