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Refurb / Secondhand Cameras3710

JACKS79 private msg quote post Address this user

New here.

I currently offer virtual tours (360) and use a theta s.

After seeing matterport i am sold on upgrading.

However, looking at the forum it looks like a new camera will inevitably come out at some point.

With that in mind i really do not fancy spending circa £3,500 with tax gbp (even with discount).
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LetMe3D private msg quote post Address this user
I am holding off too, don't need to dive in as of yet with MP Last weeks show price of $1,000 was tempting but I will wait a little while longer.

But when the new camera comes out I'll be swimming with the sharks in the MP pond.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@JACKS79 @LetMe3D While I fully plan on buying a new Matterport Pro camera when it comes out, as inevitably, a new one will arrive, I am very cautious to speculate when one will come out.

The current Matterport camera shoots 2K tiles -- much larger than is needed for viewing on mobile. The current Matterport camera, through recent firmware updates has demonstrated that image quality can continue to be improved through software updates.

Matterport Showcase has support for 4K tiles in its code, however, this is believed to be for use in prototypes of future cameras and there is absolutely no evidence that such a prototype exists, let alone that a new model offering higher resolution scans would be ready to go into production any time soon.

This leaves us to speculate on what a new camera would offer that the current one does not. Perhaps faster scan speeds? Personally, I'd like to imagine that Matterport's next model is an automated drone that flies around maintaining perfect height and shooting the entire tour for you. If I were Matterport, I'd have patented that one already.

Matterport own patents on many of core components of Showcase and their system including using quaternian mathematics for calculating the relationship between the panoramas that are mapped within the 3D space. These patents protect their platform and I believe block against concern that another platform will imitate and compete 1:1.

For $3500, if you believe that you can achieve a ROI from the camera in the next 12 months, I see absolutely no reason to wait.

In addition, if there were a new camera to be released, theoretically in January 2018, it would serve you well to make use of the next 12 months to establish your market and build your business in preparation for a new wave of MSPs who you may be competing with.

Even if a new camera dropped next month, which would be a bit silly, I believe it's worth the gamble to invest at the moment that you WANT to offer this service... as long as you live in a different state than I do
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