I've jumped in, I did get a dedicated iPad yet with 128 or what ever the max is now so currently I'm working with my 64gig iPad. I've gone through and optimized the space pretty well doing a re-install to wipe out the memory grab of certain apps. My question is can we use something to back up these iPads, save the models because I may want to add to these? And be able to drag them in and out of these app as needed. I think I know the answer - this might be where the priority software and pro-needs conflict but I'm hoping. Last night I did the first of what will be a series of large scans, a studio owner has bought lots of buildings, made them into sound stages but what is also needed to service TV and movies is additional areas for construction, set dressing, scenic depart, wardrobe, make up. So I did the bottom floor of one of this buildings - I did not finish, I topped out at 200 points and called it a night around midnight.

Here's Last nights scan master piece - we have a lot of fans now of this technology with in my show - they can't believe it. For those sitting in LA planning the next shoot having something like this is an amazing tool.