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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: iGuide Speed Test | Source: iGuide (Planitar)

Video: iGuide Viewing Experience | Source: iGuide (Planitar)

Video: Planitar Co-Founder, CEO Planitar Kevin James Klages and Co-Founder, CTO Alexander Likholyot compare the Planitar Equipment Kit and iGuide viewing experience to Matterport.

iGuide (Planitar) 3D/VR Platform: Indepth Analysis

In the single most comprehensive hands-on side-by-side analysis, We Get Around Blog Guest Columnist, Paul Collart ( @pcollart ), compares five (5) 3D/VR Camera Systems/ Hosting/Processing.

This Forum post includes an excerpt from his analysis about:

iGuide (from Planitar)

You can read the entire article We Get Around Guest Blog Post here:

Compare 3D/VR Platforms for Scanning/Shooting Homes: Matterport, InsideMaps, Realvision, iGuide, immoviewer (and More)

If you are thinking about buying a 3D Tour solution, or wondering if other solutions are a threat or an opportunity to the 3D Tour solution that you are using now, Paul's analysis is likely to save you days - even weeks - worth of research.

How does this analysis help you?




iGuide (from Planitar) markets as a high-end solution for professional photographers to service real estate agents.

Their solution is based on their iGuide Camera System, which includes a DSLR camera, fisheye lens and LiDAR scanner. The DSLR camera in combination with the fisheye lens captures high-resolution panoramic images, while the LiDAR scanner captures room dimensions to an advertised accuracy of 1 percent and auto-positions the panoramic images within

The iGuide Pal is their hosted cloud infrastructure for administration and property web-site hosting. The base iGuide offering is a 3D tour, which is comprised of 360x180 degree panoramas referenced on a schematic floor plan. Viewers can make onscreen measurements, enable an auto-play mode, and take still images from any position within the panoramic images.

Each 3D tour includes a downloadable schematic floor plan. The “Standard” package includes a basic schematic floor plan, while the “Premium” package includes more details including doors, appliances, and fixtures.

iGuide’s unique solution value is that it not only features 3D tours, but also provides the tools to present all details of a property, including image galleries and external videos. This enables the iGuide operator to offer additional solutions, including walk-throughs with voice-over, drone footage, and high-resolution photography.

Other key iGuide features include the following:

✓ Create photo gallery from 3D tour screen grabs that are both print-ready (high-resolution) and display (MLS) ready. Images from other sources can also be imported to the gallery
✓ Create feature sheets with the iGuide easy-to-use web interface to customize a printable marketing flyers
✓ iGuide Report that provides a summary of the listing with links to download all associated data.
✓ Download a schematic floor plan in PDF, SVG and DXF format.
✓ Completely open system so that the 3D tour assets can be exported and hosted on any web site. This includes access to the rectilinear 360 images for posting to Facebook and Google Maps
✓ Grant additional Editors to assist with making changes to the listing
✓ Receive weekly iGuide Analytics on visitor activity details, including number of unique and returning visitors, visit duration, and referring web sites
Curated tour gives visitors and sit back and relax experience

The sample Palo Alto Eichler 3D tour can be found here.

iGuide Creating the 3D Tour

Since the hardware costs were beyond my budget to perform this review, Planitar coordinated the capture of this property with a service provider in my area. This operator also performed the data the pre-processing and initial administration described below.

iGuide Data Capture (3D Tour)

The first task for the iGuide operator is to connect any modern smart phone or tablet to the Planitar Camera System’s embedded web server via a mobile browser and create a new house or project. Since this is all browser based, there is no need to install an Android or iOS application to perform the capture.

After placing the camera system in the appropriate location, the operator has options to change camera settings via the web interface, but exposure must be adjusted from the camera body. The camera is rotated by the operator to 3 per-configured positions or every 120 degrees, where it captures 3 exposures at every position for a total of 9 images for each HDR scan or panorama. At the same time, the LiDAR scanner is measuring room dimensions. The browser interface will simultaneously display a preview panoramic image for each set of 3 images camera and the dimensional scanned data.

For the example Palo Alto Eichler project, 6 outdoor and 10 indoor scans were create for a total of 16. The total operator time to capture the 3D tour was about 22 minutes, which equates to about 1 minute 25 seconds to position the tripod and camera at a new location, perform the scan (45 seconds), and review the results. Since the LiDAR scanner can report out to 90 feet with 30 being the norm, the iGuide system requires fewer scans or locations as other systems. This video illustrates the speed at which a space can be captured.

iGuide Data Capture (High-Resolution Stills)

The iGuide operator took (23) high-resolution images for the Palo Alto Eichler property with a secondary DSLR camera for brochures and the image gallery, which took a total of 10 minutes. Please note this is an additional service the iGuide operator performed for this project.

We captured a 1,600 SF space to demonstrate the speed of the new Planitar Indoor Mapping System 5 (IMS-5). Take a tour with the finished iGuide

iGuide Pre-Processing (Verify Data)

The iGuide operator is required to do some initial pre-processing of the data with iGuide's proprietary Stitch software, which is compatible on with both Mac and Windows. After copying the raw data from a SD card to a desktop computer, the Stitch software not only automatically stitches the fisheyes images and performs color adjustments, but it enables the operator to visually inspect and manually adjust these panoramas. The operator also has ability to load the images into a photo editing solution and make necessary changes, such as remove objects or information from scenes and blur sensitive data. Once finalized, the data is exported from the Stitch software to an iGuide zip file for upload to the iGuide portal.

The example Palo Alto Eichler project did not require any adjustments, so only 10 minutes was required to load into the Stitch software, inspect the results and export zip file. The Stitch pre-processing compacts the data by a factor of 3x, which helps speed up the upload process in iGuide post-processing below.

iGuide Post-Processing (Create iGuide)

The operator logs into the iGuide Portal, creates a new property, and configures the basics, including address, description, and external video links (if they exist). They can select an agent branding banner from a library or user an agent’s pre-defined banner if they already have an iGuide account.

Planitar Co-Founder, CEO Planitar Kevin James Klages and Co-Founder, CTO Alexander Likholyot compare the Planitar Equipment Kit and iGuide viewing experience to Matterport. More Info
The next step is to upload the compressed files from pre-processing. Since this 3D tour data was compacted to about 40 mb, this upload process takes about 3 minutes with a 2 Mbps upload speed. The iGuide is immediately live and viewable online after this upload. Once the schematic floor plan drafting is completed the next day by iGuide, the full iGuide Report is sent by the operator to the agent, which includes links to URLs and the raw data. This process for the Palo Alto Eichler project took 10 minutes.

After agents receive their iGuide, it is common to receive feedback and change requests. The iGuide system allows the operator to modify schematic floor plan labels, enable and disable panoramic images, and even modify panoramic and gallery images. Agents can also create iGuide Portal accounts to modify iGuide details in the same way as the operator.

(Continued ...)

The analysis continues here and includes video, examples and charts.





Promoted Post

We Get Around Network Special iGuide (Planitar Links)

iGuide Summary
We Get Around Network Special Offer for iGuide Pros

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vananh private msg quote post Address this user
I have couple questions regarding iguide camera.
1. We do not have the offline version for it yet, right?
2. So we own our showcase forever, no hosting fee at all. only pay 1 time for processing. is it correct?
3. It said: "Offer valid for North American operators only." so we are from ASIA and cannot use this service?
Post 2 IP   flag post
iGuide CIO
and Co-Founder
Kitchener CAN
Kevin_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
@vananh we provide users with a downloadable iGuide file to be used offline or to be hosted on other servers. Today we are offering 1 year hosting. We do not have immediate plans to charge for hosting, however we only commit to 1 year hosting. This is also why we enable users to host themselves.
This year we are focusing on North American expansion and then will begin expanding abroad.
Thank you for the questions.
Post 3 IP   flag post
vananh private msg quote post Address this user
@kevin: thanks for your answer. To view the model offline, do we have to download a special program/software from iGuide?. Is there any demo for trying? Thank you!
Post 4 IP   flag post
WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Patience please to hear back from @Kevin_iGuide ... Kevin is demoing iGuide Camera System at Inman Connect.

Post 5 IP   flag post
Cupix Head of Product Strategy pcollart private msg quote post Address this user
@vananh Please see this zip file ...

Create a folder on your local machine and unzip all contents. Then simply load the index.html into your browser. This will load the "Palo Alto Eichler" sample I created for the 3D Tour review.

This is what iGuide makes available for offline viewing or for hosting on your own web site.

Post 6 IP   flag post
vananh private msg quote post Address this user
@Paul: thanks a lot! I will try it right now
Post 7 IP   flag post
WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Much thanks! We're all in the Inman Connect bubble. So, hard for @Kevin_iGuide to reply to questions until next week.

Thanks all for your patience.


P.S. BTW, I shot a lot of video at Inman that I will post to the Forum next week.
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iGuide CIO
and Co-Founder
Kitchener CAN
Kevin_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
@vananh, sorry for the delay, as Dan mentioned we are at Inman and having a great time developing new clients and leads for our North American pros.
Our page on is a complete sample property, including downloads that you can use and test.
It is also a site designed for pros and prospective pros to take Client's to, showcase the product and explain everything offered through our iGuide system. explains to Realtors how to incorporate iGuide into their online marketing program.
Cheers, Kevin
Post 9 IP   flag post
3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
How to download? All download link below in that page will point to open a new showcase.


MLS-sized Image Gallery: Download (right-click to copy)
Hi-Res Image Gallery: Download (right-click to copy)
Offline iGuide: Download (right-click to copy)

Note: The Download links expire in 3 weeks.
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Marketing Manager
Kitchener, Canada
Chris_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
@JuMP I've updated the links for you.

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