Video: InsideMaps HERO 360 Rotor in Action | Source: InsideMaps

Video: Source: Inside Maps

InsideMaps 3D/VR Platform: Indepth Analysis

In the single most comprehensive hands-on side-by-side analysis, We Get Around Blog Guest Columnist, Paul Collart ( @pcollart ), compares five (5) 3D/VR Camera Systems/ Hosting/Processing.

This Forum post includes an excerpt from his analysis about:

Inside Maps

You can read the entire article We Get Around Guest Blog Post here:

Compare 3D/VR Platforms for Scanning/Shooting Homes: Matterport, InsideMaps, Realvision, iGuide, immoviewer (and More)

If you are thinking about buying a 3D Tour solution, or wondering if other solutions are a threat or an opportunity to the 3D Tour solution that you are using now, Paul's analysis is likely to save you days - even weeks - worth of research.

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InsideMaps markets as a low-cost, high-quality, easy-to-use solution that can be used by both professional photographers, real estate agents and DIY enthusiasts.

InsideMaps leverages an iPhone 6, 6x or 7 in combination with a proprietary InsideMaps Hero rotor device that automates the precision rotation and image collection for the 360° panoramas.

The InsideMaps Cloud is their infrastructure for administration and property web-site hosting.

The base offering is comprised of a 3D tour, photo gallery and downloadable schematic floor plan with room labels and sizes.

A 3D, CADD-ready model is also available for an additional cost and is included in the Palo Alto Eichler sample property. With features to add furniture and change colors and materials to the model, you start to get the sense of the direction that InsideMaps is headed, which appears to be extending their services to DIY staging and remodeling as you can see in this video.

InsideMaps provides tools for the operator to extract display (MLS) and print (high-res) ready images from scans within the 3D tour and include them within the Photo Gallery. For $19.95 per home, InsideMaps can be used just for photography as InsideMaps automatically applies algorithms for vertical correction, sharpness, and color balance. You can see some sample images here.

The InsideMaps sample 3D tour for the Palo Alto Eichler property can be found here.

Below are some more sample tours I created with InsideMaps:

InsideMaps Sample Tour 1
InsideMaps Sample Tour 2

InsideMaps Creating the 3D Tour
Since I already had an iPhone 6, I purchased their InsideMaps Rotor and performed the capture and administration on my own.

InsideMaps Data Capture (3D Tour)
After mounting the InsideMaps Hero to the tripod, launching the InsideMaps iPhone application and creating a new project, the operator will go through the following steps to capture a property.

The creation of a panorama is fully automated with the InsideMaps Hero. For every horizontal rotation location, which is every 11.25 degrees or 16 unique rotations, the InsideMaps will vertically tilt the iPhone camera to 3 tilt locations and capture 3 exposures per location. Each scene or panorama is comprised of 192 individual images, which are automatically stitched into panoramas once processed in the cloud. Please see this video of the InsideMaps Hero in action.

The total operator time to capture the sample Palo Alto Eichler project was about 25 minutes, which included 12 indoor and 6 outdoor scans for a total of 18 panoramas. This equates to about 1 minute 20 seconds to position the tripod and camera to a new location and perform a scan (65 seconds).

If the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi during the scanning process, it will automatically start to upload the data to the InsideMaps cloud. But if the iPhone is off-line, it will cache the data until a Wi-Fi connection is created. After successful upload to the InsideMaps cloud, the associated data on the iPhone will be cleared. The sample Palo Alto Eichler project took about 3 GB of storage space, which takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes to upload to the InsideMaps cloud with a 2 Mbps upload speed.

Please note that the InsideMaps application does not provide any feedback or viewable results during the scan process, which could lead to angst with some operators. I have personally done five different sample properties with InsideMaps and have not yet seen an issue with the 3D tour results.

InsideMaps Post-Processing

After the data is uploaded to the cloud, InsideMaps 3D tour and schematic floor plan will be processed within 12 to 24 hours. Note that my test projects averaged about 12 hours for processing. The only administrative tasks an operator can perform are the following:

✓ Floor Plan Labels. Tools are available to add or change automatically generated labels.
✓ Photo Gallery. Operator can capture screen shots from the 3D tour and display within the Photo Gallery. Please note that images from other sources are not available to be displayed.
✓ Modify Project Details, including address and real estate agent details.

Lastly, the operator must Make Project Public or pay for the project processing, which is facilitated via PayPal. This payment takes place after the processing, which enables the operator to review and confirm before payment.

(Continued ...)

The analysis continues here and includes video, examples and charts.





360º Video: InsideMaps CEO George Bolanos and Jörgen Birkler compare the InsideMaps 3D/VR solution to Matterport. More Info


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