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iGuide to Google Street View Maps3543

Helen private msg quote post Address this user
I just saw the MP2SV back up top. Great for iGuide and it's users.

Not great for Matterport service partners!

Come on Matterport let this 3rd party solution be released!!!
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
iGuide has been fantastic in making exporting the spheres from their tours a simple process! The iGuide for Business initiative combines publishing to the iGuide system, Facebook 360s and Google Street View -- and it's a full end to end solution that checks all of the boxes that brick and mortar businesses are asking for!
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Kitchener, Canada
Alex_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for positive feedback, Chris! We are glad that the MP2SV project was revived and grew beyond supporting single data provider to embrace other technologies, including iGuide.

Happy New Year!
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Helen private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport, please take note on this thread on how one of your competitors is embracing this 3rd party solution! Seeing the added value to their customers and thanking them for adding this service.
I am not sure why this wasn't your reaction when @Metroplex360 first came out with this solution.
Please remember any thing that helps Matterport service partners grow their business creates revenue for you in the long run by increasing the number of scans they are doing monthly. Which in turn makes these partners need bigger monthly subscriptions or pay for extra models beyond their monthly subscriptions.
I really just don't get the reasoning why you would not allow this? I could understand if it was something that could hurt your company but using the images from the camera that we take does not!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Hi All,

@Helen is referring to the MP2SV logo (above) that points here.

MP2SV is a comprehensive Google Street View conversion solution. MP2SV takes your tours and manually converted ALL of the visible scans to a published Google Street View ‘Inside View’ (examples) for a registered public location on Google Maps.

MP2SV fully supports the iGuide Camera System from Planitar. And, the iGuide team is thrilled that MP2SV adds value to iGuide Pros and their clients. #refreshing

(MP2SV originally supported Matterport, however MP2SV was asked by Matterport to discontinue providing services to Matterport Pros. Matterport is unwilling to revise their Terms of Service and prohibits 3rd party service providers from adding tremendous value - as @Helen noted above - to their product and helping Matterport Pros.)

Tours are published to Google Maps within five (5) days of payment to MP2SV; and, your business name is listed as the photographer.

MP2SV provides you with a service that combines intelligently obtaining assets from your tour with conversion, enhancement and then weaving into a tour by a Google Trusted Photographer.

"There’s a little bit of magic here and there, but at the end of the day, you are hiring a pro!," says MP2SV Developer Chris Hickman ( @Metroplex360 ).

We Get Around Network Basic, Standard or Premium Member, you save 40 percent on MP2SV services: one of more than 30 Membership Benefits.

Happy New Year,


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kevshed private msg quote post Address this user
I'd not really thought to much about this, but its a no brainer add-on service i'd like to offer to my hotel and hospitality clients... (where being on maps would be of value)

I'm not a professional photographer, and is one reason why i have adopted matterport, but, if matterport continue to disadvantage themselves by not embracing such offerings, i'll have to consider alternatives.... which would be a shame.

For the pro photographers out there, i do see the advantages of the iguide solution..... but my SLR skills are somewhat lacking

Come on matterport, embrace, embrace, embrace ! By having such limited terms of service you are encouraging the community to explore alternatives...
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iGuide CIO
and Co-Founder
Kitchener CAN
Kevin_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
Hi kevshed,
We began limited testing the Streetview program mid-November with a couple dozen of our iGuide Pro's and response has been incredible to @Metroplex360 's innovation. Local businesses see the cost as a no-brainer too; especially the ones paying for google and facebook ads.
Given the holiday decorations in December a number of Pro's are booking up their slow periods in January and February with Business Tours.
Here is a demonstration page our guys are using to showcase how the technology can help local businesses:
1. Optimize their search ranking through google inside tours
2. Convert traffic to customers through embedding iGuide in their own website and social media programs.

We even offered links for businesses to log into their major online search profiles to optimize their listings.
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73087 7 7
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