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Matterport in Film/TV and Power Stations3522

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

How should I reply to this email from a Forum Member?




Dan you’ve seemingly complied a power blog - referral service. I’m in [redacted]. [redacted] I work mostly in TV and movies currently but I shoot a fair amount of architecture.

I see [Matterport] as a tool I can use both in and on film sets and real estate but I also see its benefits and vertical could move outside of that, such as perhaps places with heavy engineering and mechanical like a power station - to have walk through for the company to use to discuss with vendors and the like could be helpful. The list goes on.

Right now I work pretty steady in two unions - camera and tech crew, I’d like to buy more time to be around my growing but young daughter - film work is 4am to 7pm every day and just too much is slipping by. Also I love this technology and we’ve been able to shoot a set I just finished, show wrap on. The production designer loved it.

My question and hesitation is this - if I work at marketing, join groups such as yours and the service partners with matterport - do you think we as sole proprietors, we can stay ahead of the companies that will see the technology - get the info from the model and just go buy a camera? Perhaps I’m paranoid but it seems half the people I showed the tests too just wanted to buy one.

Thanks for any help and insights. I really hope this is possible I read your reasoning how a light bulb went off for you - I’d say the same feeling happened for me, I do other 3D work and for everything there is a tool but my hope is this can provide some bread and butter work.




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LocationsHub Launches Matterport Production-Ready 3D Location Models for Filmmakers Worldwide
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3rd Party
Myrtle Beach, SC
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
I don't think you can give them a definitive answer, as there is not one. I would say that for all of us, there needs to be a level of flexibility in the way we approach our business models, otherwise, yes! We will be left behind as the rest of the world adopts this tech, but if you can roll with the punches and find your strength in the industry and create a solution that will cause the client to prefer your services over purchasing the equipment themselves, then you will win.

I'm sure that 30 years from now, we will all look at this tech the same way we look at floppy discs and cassette tapes now, but what we all have to realize is that we are on the edge of something pretty big and it is going to get chaotic and messy when the rest of the world realizes what we have here. The key will be to know who you are, what you are capable of, and have a vision for where you want to go... then hold on tight and ride the hardest 8 seconds in your life and see where it goes :-D

If you aren't prepared to do that, don't take the risk. Just enjoy the show.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
ArtisticConcepts wrote - "have a vision for where you want to go"

Imagine a world where world Universal Studios begins converting its movie sets to 3D models. People everywhere flock to view those models on websites, Facebook, Twitter and other places on the Web.

The bad news is that Matterport photographers would have to live in LA. The good news is that thousands of local TV stations exist that produce all types of content. Once the buzz catches on, TV stations around the world will want to begin creating behind-the-scenes virtual tours of their sets and facilities.

Lots of competing virtual tour services including Google Photographers would probably vie for those assignments. To dominate the market, Matterport might need to provide benefits competitors can't. Maybe Matteport's "new features and capabilities" alluded to in their job posting will help seal the deal.

Here's a recent Matterport job posting ..
3D Computer Vision Engineer
"We’re seeking a software engineer with computer vision experience whose focus will be determining the most promising product and technical directions for new features and capabilities that are 6-18 months out. Areas of computer vision work may include innovations in point cloud alignment, generation and texturing of 3D meshes from point clouds, and 3D scene understanding."

Does that apply to software, hardware or both? Software's likely but maybe Matterport's working on a new camera that may NOT come out before that "6-18 month" time frame mentioned in their job ad. It looks like Matterport's up to something that may always keep them ahead of the competition which seeks to emualate Matterport.

"Leo's Virtual Tour Service".com may not even know what computer vision, machine learning and other high VR tech concepts are even though Leo seeks to compete with high-tech companies like Matterport by shooting still 360 photographs, putting them into an online slide show and calling it a "Virtual Home Tour." By my last count, a trillion of those services exist on the Web.
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Club Member
Brooklyn, New York
SpencerLasky private msg quote post Address this user
These are all great responses - yes "have a vision where you want to go" that's probably the best advise - through the varies phases of disruptions I'm probably guilty of being a little untethered. My Panavision Gold package and 10 to 1 lens just does not mean much any more - film ... she's gone it's a new day! Having said that I do love the direction of 3D and do look for new innovative ways to work and create in the future. Perhaps the easy of use is intimidating to me but the creatively probably lies in who you can gain as clients, the locations you can cover, and what you can do with the media to bring into a useful place for folks. I'm sure I'll be doing this on film sets very shortly. I'll respond more I just want to say thank you and will read through all the responses - cheers! Spencer ...
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