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Ownership of Model350

tedriolo private msg quote post Address this user
A new client asked me recently who "owns" the content when we're finished.

First time I've been asked that. I would assume that ultimately Matterport "owns" things since they are the ones hosting the model that was created from their hardware.

Does anyone have a better answer for this?
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DougTse private msg quote post Address this user
Technically, you do because 'you' made the effort to align and scan the images to create a 3D model. If not, nothing is created. Hope this helps.
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ThreeSixty Tours
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
I think this is covered in some amount of depth in Matterport's Terms. It is found in Section 5 in the popup that is revealed when clicking on the small "terms" link that is located beneath the title on every one of our models (after they load).

Hope that helps!
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user

Please have a look at the Thread below as it goes into detail on the ownership of models.
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crullier private msg quote post Address this user
From ready the terms.. (and boy do I have my opinion on their business model...) You still own the model and the, however the interactive presentation in a sense belongs to them - and since it is your model that is being displayed well that owner ship sort of get grandfathered. Furthermore then can use the presentation how they see fit.

But in the end the model belongs to the author / I would think the same as a picture. If you take a picture of my car, it your photo but the car is mine... no?

I have to say that it is pretty scary to invest in hardware that needs a subscription service to run.
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playermaker private msg quote post Address this user
@crullier @tedriolo - MP owns all data, and through it's terms can do anything they please w/ it, now and in the future.
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svensson private msg quote post Address this user
matterport owns all the data indeed.
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