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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A Member of the Forum emailed me the following. HOw should I reply?

Thank you,



Hello Dan,

I would like to share some of my thoughts with you regarding another perspective for VR and how can hotels or realtors can use it wisely and promote their business even more efficiently.
I will get directly into my point.
I was thinking of Matterport VR presenting properties listings or hotels in exhibitions, tradeshows or events through VR goggles. Considering this different perspective for VR, i am sure that Hoteliers and Realtors will definately request the latest cutting edge of technology for superior immersive VR experience though goggles in their kiosks. Their expectations are very high due to their renting costs, and they definately want to stand out from the rest exhibitors. I would like to know how can I achive this and with what equipment. As far as i know oculus rift is the best option for VR but not sure if through specific software combined with matterport browser 3d models can directly be presented in oculus rift goggles. Eitherway i would appreciate your feedback mentioning this cutting-edge equipement and the perspective of usage of Matterport service at exhibition or tradeshow.

Thank you in advance,

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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
I like his idea. I'd have him see how the Rift compares to the Gear VR in this article. In some ways the Gear VR is not exponentially better than the Oculus Rift. I think a Gear VR headset would work fine. The Rift now works on lower end PCs, but you still need to spend hundreds to get such a PC. You can get a used Galaxy S6 phone pretty cheaply. S6's are cheaper than the Note 6. If cost is an issue, CoreVR in Cardboard can be a last resort since it's still an engaging experience.

You also waste money getting a Rift when you pay for features Matterport can't use. Those features include positional tracking and ability to use "touch" controllers. A Gear VR benefit is that you can adjust it's focus dial if your vision's not perfect.

Ideally, I'd want a trade show visitor to have the ability to sample a lot of things quickly. Imagine five trade show visitors lined up to view what's in the magic headset. The first person puts one on and sees a hotel's amazing ball room.

Now what? You, the director of all this have to tell the person to do something. What? Move around the ballroom. How? You explain how to do that. You also want the person to see a couple of suites, the spectacular dining area AND the rooftop view way up there on the 19th floor.

Since no maps or dollhouses exist in a headset, how does that happen and now long does it take for the person to see all those things? That might take a very long time, especially if the person has to "walk" through the hotel hoping to discover the door that leads to stairway that takes him the floor that has the presidential suite. If there's only one headset and many convention visitors, they must wait until the first sees what you wanted that person to see.

Until VR clickable thumbnails, dollhouses or maps, one solution might be to have multiple headsets. Each headset would show a specific room/area. If you had five headsets, five people could move around and sample each "room" without having to figure out how to get from the first floor ballroom up to a 3rd floor penthouse.

In the print world, people convince others to buy or visit properties by showing them lots of images of those properties. It seems like the same need exists in the VR headset world. The only problem is that in many virtual tours, it's not easy to quickly digest the sales pitch, ie see exactly what the seller wants you to see.

The ancient "VR toy" at the bottom of this post seems to exemplify one of the best ways to market something fast. In 10 or 15 "clicks," you can explore anything, even if it's Disney Land. Matterport's desktop thumbnails come close to letting you explore a building quickly. We simply need that capability in a VR headset if the goal is to quickly sell someone a home or get them to choose your hotel. If 30 people are lined up at your trade show booth, "quickly" becomes a very important word. Virtual tours have the WOW factor down. However, most of them are missing one important thing: the sales pitch -- the kind you might see in a Realtor Video where the realtor actually tries to sell you something via targeted guidance.

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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
I wouldn't make any effort to have the Matterport camera on. I tried shooting a space at a trade show once and couldn't keep the connection alive. Flourecent lighting, too many wifi signals and having an open wifi signal everyone's phone wanted to jump onto kept killing then connection between the camera and ipad. I like "Usernames" suggestions above with multiple Gear VR or cardboard idea to preview each room. Show how the agents can meet a client at another location like their work to preview a property.
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