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Buying or Selling a Matterport Camera Posts343

HansLankari private msg quote post Address this user

You offered me your camera (with a hotmail-type e-mail that does not even have a full name of the sender), and I offered a pick up from your location; you preferred to ship it instead; payment via PayPal.
I asked you to have a Skype conversation with me; you claimed you do not have Skype; a program that can be downloaded to any operating system within minutes.
You insisted on offering a shipment; this time 50% advance payment and 50% after receiving the camera.
I asked your telephone number, your real name, your FaceBook, your Twitter, your Pininterest, your LinkedIn, your anything; no answer.
But still you now advertise here a camera for sale, and suddenly have not answered me anymore; even though I signaled you to be ready to go for the deal as soon as we have discussed about it live, and agreed the pick up details.

I am sorry if I have drawn wrong conclusions, but to me this simply smells as a scam...

HugoSantanos: Are you a real person, and are you selling a real camera?
Has anyone else had private offers from him?
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HugoSantanos private msg quote post Address this user
@hanslankari, i have emailed you back and you did not respond, but all i can see is you setting a post like this. As i said i am busy relocating and you are not the only one that is interested in this camera. I havent made a deal with you yet. I don't have proper wifi access as im flying around. Only at airports im able to check inbox. And yes, i have sold a camera to Lexshan before, and we made a good deal. So please, do not make conclusions or post anything like this before you have talked to me. If you can't wait 2 days for a answer due to my busy schedule, you can tell me that through email.
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HansLankari private msg quote post Address this user
Aha, so you sold your camera yesterday, Sunday, between the last e-mail of Saturday night and noticing this message this morning (Monday)? Hmm...

Anyway, happy that you managed to sell, even though you have been being so awfully busy this last 24 hours flying around. I am sure I would never have been able to organize this quick buying; especially that the seller is only reachable through these public messages.
1 thing I do not understand; why did you offer me a camera on Saturday, if you had already arranged its selling to another person? (I simply refuse to believe you suddenly met this new buyer on Sunday, on the road, and sold it immediately; especially that you have been so busy flying around.)

Sorry, but there is still something that does not match here...
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HugoSantanos private msg quote post Address this user
you should read precisely what i have written before drawing such ridiculous conclusions: I have sold a camera to lexshan BEFORE. So, yes i am busy flying around now, have confirmed this in the last email i send you. And why are you reply me here and not in the email anymore? Why creating such a fuss on the forum and downgrade my reputation? Not nice as i done a deal with Lexshan before(couple of weeks ago), she can confirm this. If you have any remarks, please email me in private.
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HansLankari private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you very much for clearing this: I am apologising if I made wrong conclusions.

But you must admit it seemed all very strange:
1. You offered to send the camera, then I offered to arrange to pick up. But you keep on shipping.
2. Then I offered to meet you in Amsterdam; you said it is difficult, as you are in "northern islands of the Netherlands". But I guess your flight to US did not take off from the islands, but from...;-)
3. Then I asked your contact information; name, Skype, telephone, FB, etc. You did not give any of these in your answer, but insisted on shipping.
4. Then I asked again the contact information. Here the answers stop.
5. Here at this stage a new sales ad of yours appear on MUG.
6. I resend to ask for contact information. No answer.

As I said; I apologise if the conclusion was wrong, but I think you must admit that many would have drawn the same conclusions, don't you?
No hard feelings? It is important that your reputation is also cleared, and hereby explained how this fuss was born.
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HugoSantanos private msg quote post Address this user
simply, im relocating so you can't pick it up in amsterdam. I already told you its not convenient, so i offered shipping. And out of courtesy i offered 50% payment with paypal too. So you are 100% protected as I explain that to you. I do business like this, also with Lexshan before, and nothing bad happened. You insist of providing my Facebook, google, etc. but i just want to protect my personal information. I didn't answer for 24hrs because i was flying around, i said that in the email too. You never answered my emails and posting everything here. I already told you, if you have any remarks, contact me through email. End of discussion.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Please use eBay to buy/sell used Matterport cameras to protect both the buyer and seller.

eBay offers this Money Back Guarantee; even if the seller will not take back the Camera.


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