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Benefits for realtors3407

DmitriyReev private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all!

We take part now in business trainings and we have one task of making 20-30 meetings with local real estate angencies with the goal to make them our clients. As we were told we have problem with our offer. People here doesn't understand benefits we can give them with matterport tours. All knows google panoramic tours and suggest that we do the same. So, telling them difference between us and google doesn't work properly. So, I was advised to think thoroughly about problems which I can solve for real estate company owner, how can I help him to save money using matterport. I stuck with it. May be can you give me some advises what can I use, which figures I can tell? which benefits I can show to them during first meeting. Thank you for advises, colleagues! Dmitriy
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Viewing private msg quote post Address this user
It's difficult to quantify the benefits via statistical analysis (at the moment).

I would suggest helping them to see a long term financial benefit because these guys are driven by money. The more they work with 3D, the better their reputation in the high end market, the more big money properties they will list.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Help agents win more and bigger listings more often.

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@DanSmigrod Much more succinctly put 😃
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user

Ask them if they want to do what everyone else does or do they want to stand out? That will lead to what @DanSmigrod said. Are you using WP3D to create single property websites? That should make you stand above the competition and the value should been seen in their eyes.

I honestly do not even mention the word Matterport. I tell them I will scan their property and create the website. People do not care what tools you use to get the job done, just so the results are great.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
I bookmarked an interesting article yesterday that on the surface seems to slam virtual tours. It's called "Why Do Agents Need Virtual Tours." I've been studying realtors a lot since some may think that realtors are hesitant to buy important things. That's what I started taking notes about when I woke up this morning before seeing this thread.

I've looked at articles that discuss their careers, motivations, selling techniques and most importantly, money management. Articles and discussions I bookmarked include "What's Best to Sell to Real Estate Agents," "9 Tips For Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent" and "Effective Money Management For Today's Realtor." The article's "Understand Your Profit and Loss" section begins with,

"I have always said that real estate sales is a business which, without careful attention, it is totally possible to spend the business into oblivion. controlling the expenses is an absolute must."

Perhaps we see these principles in action when a major corporation with financial problems stops buying essential services and products it needs. In real estate, maybe the most successful realtors are the best money managers. And, as an effective money manager who only gets paid when you sell something, it may be wise not to buy every bright shiny object you see, no matter how amazing it is.

If I was a realtor, I might ask two questions ..

1) Can I get buy without buying this gadget and

2) If I have to buy a gadget will the cheapest one work

In Virtual Tour terms, the cheapest gadgets might be those dime-a-dozen slideshow "virtual tours" found all over the Web. At the top of the chain we might find Matterport. Supermarket shoppers may prefer the most expensive name-brand cereal, but to save money, they might buy the generic brand instead since it "gets them buy" AND they save money. I would think that realtors are constantly bombarded with "buy my virtual tour" sales pitches. To be successful, a realtor may have to simply tune many incoming sales pitches out.

This Inman article,"Why Do Agents Need Virtual Tours?" is worth a read. On the surface, it seems to slam virtual tours. It says most of them are terrible -- particularly the "slideshow" ones with the elevator music in the background.

The article begins by asking “Why do agents need virtual tours when no one is looking at them?” It then goes on to point out issues, mention ROI and showing how many people actually watch YouTube Realtor videos. The article goes on to
discussing ROI and pint out, what the author calls, are the wrong reasons to purchase a virtual tour. Those include ..

* To impress the seller
* Because everyone else is doing it

Yet if you read to the end, you'll see that it's an argument FOR getting a virtual tour and it explains how to choose a good one.

I think it helps to understand your sales prospects before trying to sell them things. I used to study sales books, courses and training materials fanatically so maybe that's why this particular sales challenge is so intriguing. The overriding sales goal is to

Figure out how to get someone to want to buy something rather than try to sell them something.

If a realtor believes his house is on fire, there's no doubt that he will call 911. If a realtor really believss that his income would rise buy purchasing an x-service, why would he not buy it?

Several possible objections exist that a sales person must address. What a prospect tells you, ie "Matterport models take too long to download," may not be the REAL objection. We must discover what the real objections are. A big one may be that a realtor does not believe that buying an x-service would save him money. We may have to tackle the belief issue first before moving forward. Next, there's the "Why Matterport instead of another cheaper service?" objection.

I think justinv nailed it with "people just want results" and DmitriyReev nailed it with "Benefits for Realtors."
Watch a typical TV infomercial and you'll probably see that you don't just get those magic cooking pans. You get a whole lot more -- so much more that it may be difficult for you NOT to consider pulling out your credit card. A Matterport model could simply be the magic cooking pans which happen to come with a ton of other "free" money-saving time-saving benefits. Make it difficult for the realtor to choose someone else as his magic cooking pan dealer.

If successful realtors manage expenses well, you probably have to put in a little extra effort to break through that wall which protects them from income and profit loss.
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