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MP Capture App Kept Crashing Out339

GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
I just completed a major 3 story building that took 290 scans but almost 60 of these scans involved the the capture app crashing out (closing down and returning to the iPad home screen). This problem began to raise it's ugly head at 175 good scans.

I would do a scan and it would crash and the next one would take most of the time. I tried rebooting both warm and cold and nothing seemed to solve this problem. I'm using the iPad 2 which is just a year old and I had plenty of memory. Tech details are as follows, iPad model MD788LL/A running V8.3 as well as the latest MP capture app.

Has anyone else had these issues as this cost me well over 3 additional hours to of time and was a pain in the ass?
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Hamid private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Gary,

I have had the exact same problem, but it started at about 70 scans in. It was a 10 000 sq feet project on one floor.
Support suggested I try resetting the network settings on the iPad, but this did not work. They later told me that there might be a memory problem with the app and they are working on it for future updates. No solution for now though.
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Rentertainment private msg quote post Address this user
I had one crash using a ipad 4 today on a 230 scan model just as you outlined.. but did a second model later in the day with no issues
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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
Is this after the new upgrade? I have not done the upgrade due to existing in progress projects.
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Hamid private msg quote post Address this user
I have had this happen to me on two different app versions, the latest 2.1.1 as well as the 2.0.5
It was on two different cameras and iPad air and iPad air mini retina. So it does not seem to be specific to any particular iPad version, camera or app version. I have however done large projects on the earlier version of the app with no problem.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
I'm using the latest version of the capture app. BTW, I guess I must be using an iPad Air if that the latest iPad. Being an Android user I just bought the latest iPad and both Steve and Paul stated that 16GB was more then enough for memory.

I'm going to submit a support ticket with this new issue along with the issue regarding the scans aligning with distant scan locations.

If anyone else has any feedback on this please let use all know and I'll report back what MP support tells me.

Thanks all
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Hamid private msg quote post Address this user
Support sent me this:

Hello again Hamid,

OK, thank you for the feedback!  We have a better idea of the problem (we think there's a memory problem in certain scanning situations).  We're working on a fix for this, hoping to deploy in the next version of Capture!



On Wed, 13 May at 2:20 AM , Hamid Moosavi wrote:
Hi Scott, we actually went back to try to finish the last scan after resetting the network settings, but the iPad app keeps crashing and we weren’t able to to add any additional scans to to the model. So I would say that this solution does unfortunately not work.

Best regards,


On 12 May 2015, at 18:36, Matterport Support Team <> wrote:

Hello Hamid,

We're still working on this, but I may have a temporary solution.  If you happen to hit the problem again, and you can't solve it, I'd like to try this:

NOTE: This will remove all WiFi passwords on the iPad.  No data will be affected.

On your iPad, go to General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.  No data will be affected.

Then, try connecting to the camera.

Let me know if that helps!

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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Hamid, thanks for the update, I just sent in a support ticket on this problem as well.
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Hamid private msg quote post Address this user
No worries Gary,
Hopefully this is resolved soon as its a pain and really bad for business
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Update from Bob at MP support

Hello Gary,

I suspect you have already heard this through the grapevine but since it had been a few days since we chatted thought i would update you directly. While there continues to be investigation into the cause of this issue, there is some indication that it is memory related. Engineering is currently working on some improvements in this area which will likely make their way into the next release of the Capture application (tentatively scheduled for a early summer release).


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