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Is Matterport the right solution for hotels?3384

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A Member of the Forum writes:


Hi Dan.

I recently purchased the Matterport cam and will be dealing with Hospitality & R.Estate in [redacted].

2 Short questions:

1. Will be possible to provide scans in hotels over 10000sq.f? I am already to close a deal in May and i would like not to expose either myself or Matterport [to risk].

2nd. Another approach is to create collections with VR models. Will this work with oculus rift connected to a notebook or just limited with Cardboard & Samsung?

Thank you in advance Dan.


How should I reply to this Member?

What is the best solution for scanning/shooting 3D Tours of large (hospitality) spaces?

Happy holidays,

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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Is the question "Matterport vs another VR solution" or "VR vs no VR?"

Coincidentally I've been reviewing a ton of Google Business View / Inside View experiences lately. I've studied restaurants, wedding venues, clubs and hotels. People at Google or Trusted Google photographers are even scanning entire shopping malls. I recently walked through one of using the Gear VR version of Street View. I'm not sure how many Matterport scans it would take to map a large mall or hotel that had thousands of square feet.

As a regular user, I'm concerned about load time. Large Matterport models take time to load whether it's to a desktop browser or a VR headset. On the other hand, you can visit a large Street View Inside View business and begin exploring right away since images stream to you as needed.

However, Matterport beats Street View because Matterport's dollhouse lets you jump around instantly. If I owned a large hotel I might go with Matterport and Business View since my hotel's Inside View would show up as a thumbnail option on Google Maps. I'd also want Matterport's benefits -- especially the ability to give people the ability to view my hotel in a VR headset "easily." Matterport seems to make that job easier.

Navigation in a Cardboard Street View Business is limited at best. In a Matterport VR model you can explore a house, hotel or mall easily. Perhaps Google Daydream users can explore Business Views better than users who don't have a Daydream phone.

While researching Daydream Realtor tools recently I saw this article recently about how is Australia's first VR company to create realtor VR tours for Google Daydream. They say that by 2020 most Australians will have VR headsets.

So, I would assume that today's hotel owner can either stick with regular photos, publish virtual tours that show up in browsers or publish tours you can also explore in a VR headset. The fact that most people today don't have VR headsets might affect a hotel owner's decision.

Some people have Rifts, others have Vives, many have Cardboard and some have Samsung phones that work with Gear VR. To complicate matters, this morning [8 December 2016] Microsoft provided more details about it's upcoming VR headset with positional tracking that makes it similar to a Vive. As a hotel owner, which platform do I target? Matterport may or may not be expanding it's platforms but all we know now is that it works on Gear VR and Cardboard (which can run in Daydream but not as a Daydream app).

In 2016, I'd first make sure my hotel tour was easily accessible and viewable in regular browsers since that's what most people have. Matterport's dollhouse view works wonders for me when exploring large buildings. On the VR side, until Matterport or Google puts a navigation map inside a VR headset, it may be incredibly difficult to move around a large hotel or mall "one step at a time" not knowing where you are.
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kevshed private msg quote post Address this user
I live in a tourist town and have recently tested the hotel sector amongst others... i literally went door to door and knocked at around 30 hotels in a 3 sq mile area...

of the 30..... i'd say 20 were interested in 'some form' most only wanted to promote their restaurant/bar/event spaces... maybe an odd room - which is think matterport fits well.

But.. interestingly, the more switched on folks asked 'are you doing it for everyone' concerned about being 'me too'.... i just said - well, its a competitive world, and facebook content attracts people for next season , you probably don't want to be left behind.

I booked up 8 tours (granted mostly small) for January. others still considering. None of them will be full hotels though.. I expect all do be done in a single visit.

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matthew private msg quote post Address this user

I do believe that offering VR interactive walkthroughs with Hotels or Real estate properties is a great idea in promoting your property, telling your story and to draw the attention of the visitors in an exhibition or tradeshow.
Additionally with VR you definately differentiate your brand from all the other exhibitors who still display a passive video content or a broshure. I think people have had enough of those passive information for the last 20 years...
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
That raises the question of "what if everybody else at the trade show shows up with VR headsets?" You may become another drop in the ocean.

Any person with a cheap camera can put a 360 "VR" slideshow into a headset. Here's a new VR creator service that helps you make a mobile VR tour "in minutes". I haven't tested that to verify that claim. However, only Matterport can make a magic 3D VR dollhouse. I would think that this dollhouse should be one of the companies biggest selling points but I don't hear a about it. VR takes center stage.

Manipulating and exploring a dollhouse is fascinating on my small phone. I can only imagine what it might be like on a giant touch screen monitor.

That's my artist's conception of what it might look like with someone playing with a dollhouse on a giant touch screen monitor. The dollhouse is not only a fun toy but it lets a potential home buyer explore an entire home very quickly and it's amazing visualization tool.

Another thing Matterport models can do that others can't is "float you through the ceiling." When you click another floor in a dollhouse, it seems like you levitate upward and fly through the celing to get to the upper floor. Maybe another monitor could show these types of things as well as other impressive visual effects. I think it was CNET who once showed the zoom in from a dollhouse into a room. These are all impressive experiences that only Matteport can provide.

With a hovering drone, VR headsets with colorful boxes and a magic 3D dollhouse sitting on the table, you might have a standing room only crowd at a trade show. A trillion "VR" competitors seem to exist. It wouldn't be hard for Matterport presenters to make sure that everybody knows the reasons why no other company can provide what Matterport provides.

"Why Matterport instead of XYZ?"
I don't think I've ever seen an ad that focuses only on that. Someone can emulate CoreVR to a degree. Other Matteport features they cannot.
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