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A-B-C-Ds of Matterport Camera Serial Numbers3374

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
A Member writes:

"Dan I am looking to buy a used matter port to get reequipped. Can you give me a brief description of the difference in BCD serial numbers?"


This is such a great question because while Matterport has always called its Camera "Matterport Pro 3D Camera" there have been different versions of the Camera. You can tell which version you have by looking at the serial number plate on the bottom. (Which Letter does your serial number begin with?)

I recall that when I bought my Matterport Camera in July 2014, it was a series A. The little bit that I know was that this version of the Camera did not have a quick release plate and no LCD panel (battery indicator).

At Matterport's request, I gave the Camera to a Pro that had a fatal problem with their camera and was flying internationally the next day and needed a Matterport Camera to go with him. Matterport sent me a new, replacement Camera in time for a shoot that I had that week: a series B Camera.

The little that I know about series D is that it has a quick release plate and an LCD. (I recall) being told that some things inside were better than the Series B Camera that I originally had.


Two Questions

1. If you have two or more Matterport Cameras - with different serial numbers - which ones and can you tell any difference other than what I noted above?

2. Is there a Series F and/or later?

By the way, if you are:

1. if you want to sell a used Matterport Camera
2. if you want to buy a used Matterport Camera

I do not recommend buying a used Matterport Camera. My understanding is that the warranty is not transferrable. The Camera might need to be re-calibrated by Matterport (at an additional expense). And, new Cameras come with a 30 day return policy. (Please confirm the 30 day return policy here, before buying a new Matterport Camera.) And, Matterport has reported that some stolen Matterport Cameras are still in the wild.

If you do plan to buy/sell a used Matterport Camera, I encourage you to use eBay because of their money back guarantee and do ask the seller to include a photo of the serial number so that you can ask Matterport Support if it is a stolen Camera and confirm that you can get a Matterport Hosting Plan with the used Matterport Camera you plan to buy.

Happy holidays,


P.S. Here are Forum notices about selling used Matterport Cameras. And Used Matterport Camera Wanted notices.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
My camera has an LCD on the back with battery indicator and status including when it's connecting to the iPad -- I purchased in September 2015.

As to the quick-release plate -- the bottom of my camera looks just the same as the image on their purchase page -- the large screw with square bottom -- is that the quick-release plate?

S/N: C284
Model: MC200

Same model # that is listed on the Buy page.
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
So if each series has 3 digits this confirms that there are between 4,000 and 5,000 cameras out there (A,B,C,D and F)
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3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user

LCD, Quick Release & flux capacitor

Mine has two of those features I'll let you guess which two. :-)
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
1.21 Gigawatts! @ArtisticConcepts I need to know what external battery you bought to recharge your camera!
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benn1973 private msg quote post Address this user
My second camera is an F model
The only external difference with my first D model is the second button now brings up the battery status otherwise works exactly the same they were bought 3 months apart
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3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
@benn1973, I forgot to mention that mine has the battery button as well. Thank you for mentioning that. It seems redundant though because the status is already displayed in the app, but it is there. :-)

@jfantin, I actually don't use a backup for the camera, but I do use a backup for the iPad Pro. The camera on average shows 9.5 hours on a full battery, but If I do a whole scan without charging the iPad Pro, it will die on me. And I got a great deal on plutonium at if anyone else needs some for their F Model. :-D
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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
S/N 043
Model is same as yours @metroplex360, MC200 purchased just before you in May/June of 2015
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