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Capture App Backup/transfer3357

xavierchardon private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everybody!

Anyone knows if it is possible to have a backup of rawdata from the app Capture or to transfer it from an iPad to another one?

The idea is to inssure my customer I'll still be able to update his model even if my iPad get stolen....

Any idea?

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3dshowcaseuk private msg quote post Address this user
When I bought my new iPad Pro I simply backup my old iPad to iTunes which transferred the existing scans and then plugged in the new iPad and restored from iTunes.

Maybe some of the other guys and gals can confirm this is right.

I am sure you could backup to iCloud as an alternative! As the same data is backed up just to a cloud instead of your pc
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
I use the two methods suggested by @3dshowcaseuk:

- Back up via iTunes into my PC
- Back up in iCloud

iCloud is great because it works automatically every night as long as your iPad is idle and charging. You don´t have to worry at all.
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xavierchardon private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you very much !
That's what I needed !
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Just curious for those who might know... let's say your iPad was stolen and you hadn't had time to back up your iPad and you were in desperate need of re-tweaking a model which you had previously processed... would Matterport be able to send you the file to work on (they would obviously have the data if it had been uploaded already)... Or is lost beyond all measures at that point?
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
I really don´t know. In theory they should have the original data, unless it is uploaded in a way that is different to what it is stored in the iPad...but I cannot say.

Just in case I make a backup every time I finish a new project. By doing this I am risking only the last project if my iPad is broken or stolen after I have left my customer's premises and until I arrive at my office to store it in iTunes.
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PHILG private msg quote post Address this user
This one has always frustrated me. Why on earth won't Mappterport allow you to copy off and store locally? Is there somethig I'm missing? I know I cna back-up and restore but that isn' the goal - teh goal is for me to fee up space on my iPad. Thoughts?
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frstbubble private msg quote post Address this user
I have added a step in my workflow of backing up my models each day when I get back home. After they are all trimmed and sent for processing I back the folder up to a separate hard drive and catalog the scans in there. Then the next day I start with a clean Matterport capture app. That way if need be I can retrieve a small group 1 to 3 scans and work on them. It is a little extra work but I have them all backed up.
The only issue is whether they are future proofed of they change the capture app in a way that it modifies the storage tables and locations then all might be lost unless you back-up the version of the app you were using too.

I use iExplorer to do the backups of they model data.
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
@frstbubble have you successfully retrieved a model back to the iPad? There were issues regarding this a while back.
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frstbubble private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, I have done it successfully. I had two iPad mini 2's with different models on them and got a new iPad Pro and wanted to move the models over to it. I was able to move the models from only on of them as there was no way to merge the database without extensive work.

But I successfully backed up one of the iPad mini's data and restored it to the iPad Pro.

When doing it you have to move and back up everything in the capture folder because the database is what orients the scans.
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Sooner or later Matterport will have to offer a solution to the backup problem.

It is unrealistic to think that we will have to keep all our models in our iPad. As a simple backup storage device the iPad is pretty expensive!

Having a backup of all your files in your computer or in iCloud doesn´t mean that in the end you can exceed your own iPad's capacity. As @frstbubble has explained, you can only restore the content of the iPad but cannot merge or selectively chose which models you want to restore.

I don´t understand why they haven't solve it already.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
This issue is driving me nuts as I'm going over back up's from last year. Just wanting to dump some of these scans and start off with a fresh slate without another taking on another expense.

This Why I wanna Save Videos needs to be watched a few more times in order to get my head to fully understand the whole process.

Does anyone have a simpler explanation of what's going on here? It appears @Max_Sodomovskiy is backing up the Ipad and then resetting to factory settings. Record some more tours. Then backing up again as a new backup name if he needs to reference a restore point. In short making multiple small backups.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
As of the New Year, Matterport suggest using iExplorer to extract the data from your iPad.

I reviewed their TOS to see if this was a contradiction and it appears that since the files haven't hit the Matterport Server where they are processed, they are yours to do with as you please. Typical me, I took a peek at the files and wasn't too impressed. It's very raw data. There's a lot of magic going on on the Matterport servers.
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frstbubble private msg quote post Address this user
I have been using iExplorer after every scan and catalog it in my project folder under the job name. So I only have a days worth of scans for any one backup.
That way I can find the project I need and restore it easily.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I haven't used iExplorer yet...

Just looking at it now...

Looks to be a paid app, is that right? I see $39.99 for 1 license and $59.99 for a "Family Plan" with 5 licences....

Is that a one-time cost, or do you have to renew that license every year?
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
While it's nice to know that Matterport Pros are having success using iExplorer – I tried iExplorer unsuccessfully 2+ years ago (even with the help of Matterport Support. iExplorer is a very geeky solution, at best, for the needs of Matterport Pros.

The use of iExplorer falls in the category of adding parameters to the end of URLs: unnecessarily complex.

As a community, we have been asking Matterport for a simple, easy and fast solution to backing up and restoring our models for more than 2.5 years. Frankly, we already UPLOAD our models to Matterport. How hard could it be to add a button to DOWNLOAD this-all-some models to our iPad?

For those of us not super-geeky, I recommend using iCloud to backup the entire iPad (and, if necessary, restore from iCloud).

At the very least, do NOT delete your models (without backing up or the ability to restore them). One day, you will want your old models.

I could imagine that Matterport knows that backup/restore is a super-important feature, BUT they are distracted by so many initiatives that they are failing to do essential features.

Happy New Year,

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