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Capture 2.xCrash

Capture App 2.0.1 Crashes & Alignment Errors33

WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
Missoula, MT
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
We didn't get to use version 1.x of the Capture App for too long before updating...but it appears that the 2.0.1 version is creating some challenges when scanning. The first handful of scans we did with the 1.x App didn't seem to have anywhere near the challenges we're currently experiencing.

In the past 4 scans/houses we've done, we've had good spells with only 1-2 alignment errors in as many as 20-30+ sweeps...inside a variety of room sizes with mirrors/windows/etc. Then, suddenly it seems, we'll get alignment errors between almost every sweep, especially in small rooms/bathrooms/closets. Sometimes as bad as 10+ errors in a row where the camera needs to be moved just centimeters at a time to to finally get a sweep that will "take". Shutting EVERYTHING down and restarting/reconnecting it all does seems to help some.

Is anyone else seeing similar issues in their setups? Could this be related to iOS8? Capture App 2.0.1? A combination of both? Or....does anyone have any tips they've used to get around similar issues?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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CharlieB private msg quote post Address this user
Yesterday was my first time using version 2.0.1 and I was pleasantly surprised at how much better it was over the previous version. Now I have only done 2 scans so far, because of my timing in getting the Camera when I was out of town.

So one scan with the previous version ( version # ??) and this latest version 2.0.1 I did a scan yesterday.

I had one issue when I tried to leave a master bedroom door open so that I could go outside on the patio/courtyard and scan it....and it would not sync up at all. So I gave up. Figured it had to do with being outside.

I did however have the app crash a few times on me when I tried to edit or remove a Window that I marked. I had done most of the windows and mirrors on the main level and it crashed on me and I had to redo everything.

Right now I want to edit my last scan to see if I can remove all of the marked Windows and I am not able to....crashes the app every time. I get to the delete confirmation and it thinks for a long time then crashes.

But using the app I was able to move from one location to another and back to a previous location and add sweeps with just a few issues.

Let me ask you rpeterson if you had issues going from one room to another like in a doorway or just to a new position? And when you had the issue was it after a tripod adjustment by chance?
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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
Missoula, MT
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Quick update here....I just spoke with a (very kind and helpful) Matterport support rep this afternoon. He offered these tips:

1) Power Cycle
A good old-fashioned power cycle of both the iPad and the camera does wonders. (We'd already arrived at this as a partial solution earlier today as well.) He noted that they're working hard to remedy this as a "solution"...but in a situation where you're really struggling...give this a shot.

2) Mirrors Bug
These suckers can create lots of challenges in the app and they've recently isolated a bug (and fixed it) in the next version of the app. He said this would be posted to the app store sometime next week, hopefully.

3) Mirrors Fix ( the meantime)
As you are scanning, start to mark off mirrors (especially in smaller rooms) as soon as you they come into view at a new scan location. Even partial coverings can (apparently) be really helpful in telling the camera what information to disregard as you build a model. We ran into a hair-pulling situation yesterday that I think this bit of advice might have fixed....hope it helps one of you all.

Thx! rp
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