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10 Recent AR/VR Investments You Should Know3218

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@GarySnyder Thanks for posting this. All of this investment is exciting to read about and at the same time actually seriously annoying. Especially reading the inconext solutions article at the bottom. Why is it so annoying? They've just received 15m in funding to develop VR for retail when MP could just release their APIs and allow developers to do this for free. Syncing retail with MP tours is already possible and I've seen it in action. By keeping their APIs a secret, they are failing to capitalise on the advantage they had.
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Thanks for the news. Maybe one day shopping for a VR headset might be like shopping for car. With a zillion types out there, no one model will capture the market. Apparently no legitimate company in the world has the parts needed to fix a Note 5 with a broken LCD/digitizer. So I had to buy a new S6 for Gear VR testing and dev. If anyone has a Note 5, I'd try not to drop it until Samsung replenishes it's Note 5 LCD replacement parts.

Univrse is an upcoming software app that promises to change the world. According to them, you install the app on any VR-enabled phone, put the phone in any VR headset and put the headset on. You can then

1) Move around untethered in a VR world just as you would wearing a Vive.

2) See your body in the VR world

3) Interact with a remote friend who you invite into your VR world. You can see their avatar move around you.

4) Use any old gyro-enabled phone as a controller similar to the one Daydream has

That's a lot of magic going on but at least they have a video showing it working. Supposedly they have proprietary computer vision algorithms that give an ordinary cell phone camera the ability to scan a room as Hololens does and create a point cloud representation of the room.

When you move around wearing your headset loaded with the app, your phone's camera figures out where you are in that "model' enabling you to move anywhere to explore your VR world. Their demo video shows a Gear VR user moving and even looking above and below an object by crouching. (((video at mid-page)))

Matterport Applicability..
In a Matterport model, it looks like we can only move between scan points. That means you can't move six inches forward if a scan point isn't six inches away.

In a regular VR Vive world, if you walk forward six inches, you move forward in the VR world six inches.

So, even if we gained the ability to move around a VR room wearing any headset, I don't know if that would work in a current Matterport model. I guess you could walk far enough to the next scan marker and the view would suddenly change, but that wouldn't emulate real life where you walk six inches and you move six inches. Looking "under" a table would also probably be impossible.
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