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Is Matterport Marketing Misleading?3159

grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user
I feel MP is very misleading in their advertisement. Telling Realtors that it is fast and easy to scan a house. Top Realtors hire photographers for taking professional photos which takes less time. I also had my share of more challenging properties and combined with still photos it is everything but fast. I don't like MP commercials!
Does MP get returns because of that? Who else thinks it is misleading?
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JohnLoser private msg quote post Address this user
Since Matterport reads this forum, maybe we can give them some examples of how long it actually takes to scan a property and prepare the model for viewing.

In our case:
Prep and walkthrough: 10-15 minutes per 1000 SF (more if we have to do some of the staging)

Scanning: 30 minutes to 60 minutes per 1000 SF, depending on how the property is configured - lots of smaller rooms, more time, fewer rooms (larger rooms) - less time.

Model preparation: depending on the size 1 hour minimum, up to 3 hours for a 7800 SF property

Mattertags: about 2 minutes each (maybe less on a good day)

A one person photographer will work slower than a 2-person team. But a 2-person team is not twice as efficient as a one-man effort.

Our first scan of a 1400 SF apartment took almost 2.5 hours. Since then, we have improved our efficiency -- and we have one "task" for every camera movement that adds about 10 seconds to each move -- we ALWAYS check for level before we scan. (We have a 9" standard level and we check for level in two axes - front-to-back and left-to-right.)
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grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user
@JohnLoser this is a very good example. I have not yet managed to be under 2 hours. Do to any of the factors that you named in your post.

I just had an independent realtor asking me if I would consider scanning their houses for $130. They are thinking of purchasing a MP camera and where told that it takes about 90 minutes on average to scan a property.
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Property3dNZ private msg quote post Address this user
I'm feeling incredibly disappointed right now for a whole lot of reasons. They continue to promise things and then can't follow through with the promises or if they do follow through they supply us with things in dribs and drabs. Its embarrassing when you tell clients something that you think is coming (because MP have said it is) and it doesn't happen.I feel like I constantly have egg on my face.

Timing wise I work on an hour per 100sqm.... sometimes I'm faster than that sometimes with lots of furniture/rooms i'm a little slower. People need to have reasonable expectations.
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grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user
@Property3dNZ you make me smile. Egg on my face... Haha!
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