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Don't Use the Word Matterport in Marketing3128

ChrisH private msg quote post Address this user
Don’t use the word Matterport in any marketing!

(Apologies for the long message, but I hope the read is worth while)

For the last couple of month’s, I keep reading how MSP’s are going into realtors or similar and saying things like, “Do you want to offer a Matterport tour to your clients?” or “You need a Matterport tour to sell this house”. I see people like @GeorgeK making countless video clips promoting the name Matterport on Facebook and still wondering why people continue to not recognise the name and therefore not take up the offer. They walk away disappointed with no sales and wondering what they did wrong.

The solution is very simple. Firstly it also has nothing to do with any negative issues anyone has with Matterport as a company. We as MSP’s run our own businesses and should be doing nothing other than promoting our business name, the services we offer and how we can benefit the company we are selling to. We never have to mention the word Matterport to do this.

I have been in business for about 6 months with a Matterport camera with a small sales team approaching realtors, and other types of businesses. Business has been good and I consider it the best business decision I have made.

Key Points of My Marketing and Sales Approach:

- Myself and my sales team have never once mentioned the word Matterport in a sales pitch.
- None of our marketing material uses the word Matterport
- My website does not mention Matterport. (Some embedded logos may appear but minimal)
- The word Matterport simple does not come up anywhere if I can help it.

Why? Because no one knows what “Matterport” is. Why should you spend your valuable time trying to explain what a Matterport is? It is the same as me walking into a realtor’s office and saying, “I sell fluglebinders, how many do you want to buy?” We might as well be speaking in a foreign language. Of course they are going to put up a wall and try to get you out of their office. By the way can anyone quote the movie this word is used? Classic scene.

One of the best sales methods ever is to sell the benefits of a product and not the product itself. The exact thing applies with us as MSP’s.

Instead of trying to sell a “Matterport” try this next time and I guarantee you will get a positive response and even a sale or two. Even cold calling works like this.

My team carry 12inch iPad Pro’s loaded with our website and recent tours we have done and any other fun stuff we want to show people. We simply open the iPad on a “360 Virtual Tour” and show the first person we meet even if it’s the receptionist of the office. The visual effect is a wow factor. At this stage we have barely said anything about what we do, the name of the product or anything. We let the cool images do the trick. I can’t count the number of times the receptionist has been wowed and then called over sales agents / realtors etc to “have a look at this!”. They are hooked, the ice has been broken and we get a meeting with the people that make the decisions. Too easy.

At this point we can sparingly use terms like, “360 Virtual Tour”, “360 Walk Throughs”, or “3D Virtual Tour”. You get the point. People already understand the terms 360 and 3D.

When it comes to people re-ordering our Matterport services they call or email me and say, “hey Chris I need you to do another 360 tour”. That is what they understand and knew before I had to teach them. Never a mention of Matterport. If someone ever sees the camera and sees the name Matterport then its just the brand of the camera! Our invoices never even mention Matterport or Fluglebinders.

So again apologies for the long email but I hope that some of you needing a fresh approach or more sales at least try this sales method and see what your results will be. Good luck.

Chris Himing
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ScanMan private msg quote post Address this user
Great minds think alike. I have never used the word Matterport in my sales pitches. I like referring to what Im about to show tham as "mind blowing voodoo magic stuff " . Wanna see it ?

Movie = Cocktail :-)
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Buenos Aires
jfantin private msg quote post Address this user

In a recent trade show aimed to the Real Estate industry here in Buenos Aires, two guys from Google made a presentation in one of the conferences. They showed a MP's dollhouse and said "this is what is coming. In fact, we have seen a booth out there showing this technology" (referring to us - we invested in a booth to show our services).

The Google guys never mentioned "Matterport".

My customers call it "movie" ("We have a new property, when can you go to make the movie?", the "360 photos", "the streetview", and "the virtual tour".

So it is true that Matterport means nothing to the end user, in the same way as nobody calls a photographer to ask "Can you take Nikons of my wedding?", or "I would like a portrait taken with a Canon".

Nikon and Canon are brands that mean a lot to photographers and a lot less to the people that will see and enjoy the photos. When my wife opens her Vogue she likes the photos and the dresses and never asks what gear uses Mario Testino.

Matterport is a brand for MSPs but the Real Estate Agent looks for a nice tour as a final result. And the prospective buyer doesn´t even care about the whole thing.

In my explanations to agents I say "this is like a Google StreetView but you also have this..." (and I make the magic move with my finger rotating the dollhouse that I previously opened from the Matterport3D app). The dollhouse is the wow factor. The image quality is not as important for agents or sellers, honestly. I have seen thousands of listings with photos taken by the agent using his phone!

But, when it comes to negotiate with portals and CRMs I need to show that what I do is related to a company that is bigger than me and that is being adopted by many. There s when I have to talk about Matterport.

So, summarizing: Matterport brand is not necessary to get customers and there is no need to promote it in your website.

That is why I purchased WP3DModels. Whit it I can manage the branding in the way I want and not how Matterport wants it.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: Dan Smigrod Presentation (no Mention of Matterport)


Thank you for your thoughtful post ...

You'll notice in presentation (video above), I never use the word, Matterport).

When we receive inbound calls from people asking about Matterport, then we use Matterport in our vocabulary.

Examples of wording we use ...

1. We Get Around WalkAround™ 3D Tour
2. We Get Around WalkAround™ 3D Tour powered by Matterport
3. Matterport Spaces 3D Tour

Some clients refer to it as, "I need another video shot." So, we use their language.


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pirusan private msg quote post Address this user
We had over the years, several threads about the occasional difficulty to avoid mentioning "Matterport" when some customers specifically ask for the name of the company.

Soe MSPs really showed great talent on the mental gymnastics to avoid it but, the conclusion was (I believe) to "avoid mentioning MP naturally but if asked specifically just say it, so you do not sound like you are hiding something.
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nebulae3d private msg quote post Address this user
The problem is when you present the content to your clients, they will always see a logo "Matterport" at the beginning of the show. So no matter how you try to avoid mention the word "Matterport", your client will know this word sooner or later.
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Marcel private msg quote post Address this user
I dont really agree with hiding the Matterport name. I've had a MP for a long time +- 2.5 yrs. Initially I made the mistake of trying to hide the name Matterport. It didnt take off as customers were confused with all the choices. The market has been saturated for decades with '3D Tours' and '360 Tours' products. It was not until we started including the name Matterport that business started to boom. REA (one of the worlds largest listing platforms) and MP have spent $$$$ in relation to promoting MP, why not capitalise on it. Matterport is simply revolutionary and there is nothing like it on the market. Agreed you dont need to promote it as a Matterport 3D Tour, but there is no need to hide the name either. You need to think SEO, product credibility. Your clients google Matterport and get tons of articles from the industry leading news sources and industry leaders that have adopted the technology. It all adds to the products credibility.

Anyway each to his own. Just though I'd share my experience, if your way works cool, go for it
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