Just 26 percent of We Get Around Forum Visitors/Members have showed a Matterport VR Space to a prospective client.

Just 32 percent of We Get Around Forum Members - signed in - have shows a Matterport VR Space to a prospective client.

Just 21 percent of We Get Around Forum Visitors - those not signed into the Forum have showed a Matterport VR Space to a prospective client.

These numbers are the result of a 24 hour Flash Poll of 434 Visitors/Members to the We Get Around Forum that we conducted Wednesday, 2 November 2016 12:26PM - Thursday, 3 November 12:26PM. (We de-duped the data based on the first answer.)

We Get Around used the Popover Genie service to administer this Flash Poll. Popover Genie is a sister service to NinjaPost – the cloud-hosted Forum Community platform solution that We Get Around Forum also uses.


Wow! I am amazed. I would have expected the percentages to be VERY HIGH because:

VR is a great way to:

✓ get a meeting
✓ talk about what's possible today - 3D - because everyone has a smartphone/tablet/computer
✓ show that you are on top of new tech
✓ talk to business-to-business opportunities (e.g. sales person

VR has a huge WOW factor: even if the penetration of VR Viewers is just 1-2 percent bring the showroom to the client.

We Get Around has been demonstrating Matterport VR since it was first possible. While clients have not engaged us for VR; then have engaged us for 3D. Plus, Plus, doing demos of VR has gotten us meetings that would never have been possible.

Everyone has heard of VR. Very few have ever experienced VR. What a great way to get a meeting.

Plus, now that you can get your artwork on VR Viewers in quantities as small as 20, you can brand your VR Viewer (and if you wish, leave it behind - no one will throw it away!).


I wonder if the low use of VR for prospective client demos is a result of the Matterport announced pricing of $19 effective 1 January 2016: meaning, how will Pros make money.

I recommend that Matterport announce that it will delay charging for VR conversion (if at all); and, if it does charge, charge by subscription rather than ala carte. This would make it MUCH EASIER for Matterport Service Providers to charge clients separately rather than clients reading that Matterport is charging us $19 for a VR Conversion.

So ...

Why are you NOT showing Matterport VR to prospective clients?



Video: We Get Around WalkAround Virtual Reality (VR) Tour powered by Matterport | What's it like to experience VR for the first time?