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Nodal Ninja
Bill private msg quote post Address this user
Many, if not most, go it alone on larger shoots. For us it takes more time and effort to shoot a one 12,000sf property than it does two 6,000sf properties. When shooting properties this size we prefer to involve two people. Not only for double checking each other's work but one can prep a space ahead of time and close a space afterwards (lights curtains etc.)
And post production can increase time of delivery by a week or more.
Worth noting as well, and mentioned many times here in the forum, Matterport does not support shoots with more than 200 scans. We've found with the larger models two near identical copies will tend to process differently. You tweak a mark on one side of the property only to find something changed on opposite side of model. Each processing stage would take from 8 hrs to 18 hrs - one copy even got stuck during the processing which we deleted after 48hrs wait.
12,778 sq. ft, Custom Luxury Home
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Noel private msg quote post Address this user
I scanned a 4500 square meter (48,000sq foot!) Retail space in the past month. A lot of hours to scan, as I could only do when the shop was closed. I saved on the iPad as one scan. Then duplicated several times, and edited. One tour is 256 points and is walk through the whole shop. Then I have 5 other department scans. Each about 200-250 scans. Then via the Metatags I linked them together. Slow to process in the Matterport Cloud. However it worked. All one level. One thing is that that the CPU and RAM of the computer to process the Workshop side needs to be high spec, as it took a lot of resources.
The Client liked Matterport system as they are at this stage wishing to have the information as a private site, rather than the public Google view.
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CEO iGuide
Kevin_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
Good morning gentlemen. Last week an iGuide Operator shot a 174,000 SF section of a 480,0000 SF building.
Have a look:

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