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Connecting the dots - home improvement2929

hanske private msg quote post Address this user

I am a newcomer here and don't own a Matterport yet - we are a Japanese startup currently evaluating technologies and tools to get started in 3D and VR. This means the ideas I throw out here may be totally unrealistic, or, they could be something to build on for those of you who want to diversify and leverage the resources you have.

Here is a first reflection for the road - an idea for how to leverage your resources and diversify your business. And an invitation to international collaboration. I start from the impressions I have after reading a ton of posts here:

1) The real estate photography market in the US is getting crowded, and there is a risk that there will be a race to the bottom in terms of pricing.

2) Photographers tend to stick to one proven model - selling 3D scans to real estate agents. But point 1. here above puts the model in jeopardy.

3) Photographers often have an impressive library of scans of people's homes around the country. These homeowners have demonstrated willingness to invest in beautiful and pleasant living environments.

4) There is software out there that can take a Matterport model and make it editable in 2D and 3D.

6) This means you could take this software, output an editable model and show it to people with expertise in home improvement, interior design, people selling arts and crafts etc., and have them make suggestions for homeowners. Thanks to the precise walkthrough model in VR, they will virtually be able to visit people's home without travel.

7) Experts can thus be located anywhere in the world. We are a Japanese/Swedish couple starting a VR business in Japan. Both our countries are known for sophisticated interior design, furniture, arts and crafts etc. There are any number of people with expertise and talent who can't easily reach prospective clients abroad. In the case of Japan, language is a huge barrier as well.

8) Connecting the dots, we could take your editable MP scans and let these experts and talented people walk through the houses to make suggestions. This would be a commercial service, and probably a first in most places.

8) As a practical example, we are located in one of Japan's most famous earthenware crafts districts. A single teacup by a master potter here can fetch the price of a car. Makers travel around the world and present their goods at tremendous expense. This way, all that cost and time would be saved. A big win for them.

9) At the same time, homeowners would have their house turned into a virtual showroom, where they can even do a VR walkthrough to imagine how it can be transformed by redesign, arts and crafts items, etc. etc. A win for them, too.

10) I don't have a working business model for this, but I would be very happy to work one out with MP partners who want to diversify and find new ways to leverage their resources - equipment, experience and knowhow. A win for you as well :-)

11) More ideas to come, but please feel free to contact me, and I hope this will start a new thread here. I welcome criticism, especially of the constructive kind. :-)

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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
That all sound quite confusing
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hanske private msg quote post Address this user
I'm sure it does. To clarify, link people interested in home improvement - buyers and sellers - in an easy and affordable way. Still confused?
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Depends. Are you wanting people to walk through an existing home to think about ideas of improving it? Or using a virtual model as a renovation tool for visualization of a final product?
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