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Total Out Box SPIRITUAL Matterport Idea2917

GeorgeK private msg quote post Address this user
Even the word "problem" is problematic. If we are solution based and adventurous we can change what exists. OMG I am sounding like some production coach, but really let's talk about this.

Matterport is a great system but boarders on being and "Epic Failure" in sharing their product. Photographers are one mind set and Realtors feel like they have everyone with a new gadget trying to take a part of the commission and they are not making a killing right now.

I see the solution in bring the product to the PUBLIC! Get to the seller and buyers directly, that is the real growth pattern that will work. Clearly what is happening now is not working, as a Matterport service provider I have not got one lead.

I suggest that we do a VIDEO and distribute it to any Matterport service provider that wants it so they can promote it on Facebook. If we all did this at one time the lap over could be giant. There are a lot of talented people here that could bring this idea together.

Here is something I did that talks about Matterport. What do you says. Do you have some editing skill or some great background video to contribute.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I your thinking to lift all boats ...

We provide the free use of these videos to Members of the We Get Around Referral Network. Plus, we customize the videos with the Members' contact info and logo ...

Video A: I am a Matterport Pro

Video C: I am a Matterport Pro + Other Visual Storytelling

Video B: I am a Matterport Real Estate Agent ...

Video D: Refer a Matterport Pro


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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Dan, your videos are great, but unfortunately are not in Spanish and the translation cost considerable money for the latin american markets.

It would be great if we could have the same material in different languages at no extra cost. There shouldn´t be disadvantages based on language.

I volunteer to make the translation to Spanish and I am sure others can do the same to French, German, Italian, etc.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

You can order custom animated marketing videos in other languages - free - when you pre-pay:

Voiceover With a Different Language

For marketing videos in a different language other than English, please ask to pre-pay for:

✓ Standard Membership for three (3) years – includes 2 videos
✓ Premium Membership for two (2) years – includes 3 videos

More Info About the We Get Around Marketing Videos here.

We only use professional voiceover talent - in any language - to produce these videos.

We have created hundreds of animated marketing videos for Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Referral Network. We are able to create these videos for free - including the contact info and company logo of the Member - because we can batch process / mail-merge. Unless we have 10 Members that would like Spanish with the same accent, it does not make economic sense for us to offer these except as noted above.

You might find our "handwritten" explainer videos helpful. They can be written in any language and we use music without a voice over.

Here are two examples (in English) ....

I am a Real Estate Agent

I am a Photographer

Plus, you can also write your own script that we will produce.

Here's a short video about the "handwritten" marketing videos ...


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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
I watched the video before I read what you wrote. Great videos you make.

One attention-getter for me in this video was it telling me, a potential seller that Matterport came with no extra charge.
I'd love that if I was selling a home -- you may be onto something about targeting the seller. And, as you noted, I guess buyers might prefer to shop for homes by viewing Matterport models instead of shopping for homes and not using Matterport models. That dollhouse is still a game changer that helps us explore homes quickly.
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3Dwalkmethru private msg quote post Address this user
@GeorgeK I am with you, I think you nailed it with the issue on hand. I am a believer that Matterport is failing in marketing because they are targeting the wrong audience. If they went after the owners the agents would be almost forced to offer the service or similar service. Matterport has enough ammunition to penetrate the market from another angle, but as we all can see they are set on their strategy and have closed their eyes and ears to shut out the people that have the cameras on hand generating income. They keep chasing the agent to buy a camera, not happening, this is a business opportunity, it requires thousands of dollars to jump in and then they are expecting the agents to do the work. Not happening in the real world.

Promoting the service directly to owners and agents/brokers through a transparent network of service providers would probably work, Matterport currently has a lead process that takes 2 -4 days to get a lead to a provider, by that time the lead is dead. I have personally seen this happen with leads generated by Matterport. Note i have not seen a new lead in over a month and a half.

I would like to see the overall stats of Matterport for the last 12 months, I can almost assure you they are in a down spiral, I hope I am wrong, but I do not see any traction in my market and this is a huge market. If there is a huge success story out there please share. I was doing well until about three months ago.

Well, guess I vented out so let's hope that our words are eventually heard.

I know I am going to get the don't blame Matterport post, that is up to me to make it happen. well is for sure not for lack of effort, experience or commitment that I have not yet yielded results that meet my expectations.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Countless virtual tour sites tell sellers that they need virtual tours. I'm looking for recent hard stats to prove that. The only stats I've found are several years old provided by Fusion Virtual Tours which aays,
54% of buyers who use will not look at a property unless it contains a virtual tour.
(National Association of Realtors, January 2006)

Listings on receive 87% more views if they include a virtual tour.
( 2007).

Currently, more than 6 Million people take virtual tours on a typical day, up from 2 Million in
2004. (2006 Pew Internet & American Like Study)

If I was a realtor, I'd like to prove that a seller benefits by getting a virtual tour. Logically, it sounds like it would, but hard stats would help. Next, I'd need to convince the sellers that they should choose Matterport instead of another service. Maybe like many things, it still boils down to out-marketing the competition.
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