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Matterport Custom VR vs Core VR2896

Integratedman private msg quote post Address this user
Could someone explain the difference between these 2 terms when speaking to Matterport


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TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
Custom VR - stereoscopic

CoreVR - monoscopic
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North Palm Beach, FL
hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
Whats Stereoscopic and Monoscopic
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TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by hometakes
Whats Stereoscopic and Monoscopic
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
I have a bigger question. What are the "other" differences between regular Showcase models and all the other VR tours we see on the Web?

This Matterport article about meshes explains how Matterport models are real 3D objects upon which Matterport projects photos captured from the camera. The article then lists the benefits of doing that:

1) Realistic transitions as you move between locations

2) A dollhouse exists that helps you visualize a home and jump to different locations

Are there other benefits of using a traditional Matterport Showcase Obj model?

Additionally, it seems that Core VR and Custom VR are "things" created by linking panoramic photos captures using a Matterport camera scan. And that a Core VR thing is a Custom VR thing minus the stereoscopic effect. I call them "things" because I don't know if an official term exists for them. If a regular Showcase Obj model is a model, that implies that Core VR and Custom VR things are not models so what can we call those two?

Summary: These three entities seem to exist

1) The original Showcase Gallery obj models
2) Custom VR things
3) Core VR things

If the last two are not models, do they have high-level names. Perhaps other VR companies call these types of things 'Virtual Tours,' tours created by connecting panoramic photos.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Please see this Forum discussion for examples of:

✓ Matterport CoreVR
✓ Matterport stereoscopic



P.S. @UserName all great questions. I hope others comment on your thoughts. I've run out of gas this evening ... Zzzzzz...
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks. Summarized, my question might be,

"Why should people choose Matterport Core VR over my Virtual Tour Creation service (assuming I had one)

I know Matterport creates the "tour" for you, but also assume I had software that could quickly put multiple hotspots inside thousands of 360 images and link all those images to create a home tour visible in VR or in a PC Web browser.

Showcase Obj models have major advantages because of the magic showcase and magic transitions, so Matterport has no competition in that area. However, Core VR doesn't have those advantages. And, since I wouldn't be trying to scan a room, I could use a high-resolution regular camera to shoot my panos to produce sharper VR tours.

Why choose Core VR instead of UserName's Virtual Tour Creator? I could imagine some VR Tour sites posing that question in an ad that shows a table comparing their service to Core VR. Remember, they don't need a Matterport camera to create a virtual tour. By not scanning rooms, maybe they could also work faster, especially if they used a high-resolution video camera to film a room quickly and extract frames to create their VR tours using their magic software.
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VRealExperience private msg quote post Address this user

TL : DR - If you dont care about the VR industry as a whole, know CustomVR is better due to a better transition and more of an "immersive" effect...not much more to say.

I am not necessarily an expert on VR, yet; however, I have founded my business on the concept of Virtual Reality. It's something I jumped into, invested an a few different areas (Mostly, building a brand and evangelizing the many positive benefits, documenting peoples experiences, trying to get into the VR Consulting angle).

During that process of analysis, formation, and research, I stumbled into Matterport. I was blown away by what I saw from all the advertisements, then googled some real listings in SF, now I am here.

The first thing to define for you is OBJ

"3D model format. OBJ (or .OBJ) is a geometry definition file format first developed by Wavefront Technologies for its Advanced Visualizer animation package."


Not sure what VR platforms you have used, I am going to guess either Cardboard or GearVR, likely both.

While those are good for their intended purpose (Give the mainstream an option for introduction) they lack a few things.

I invested in the HTC Vive, which has a form of "real" interaction as it transforms the controllers you hold into a virtual hand.

The effect mentioned above, plus the quality of the platform give the most immense sense of immersion known to the commercial market today.

When you are able to interact in this manner, it gives a new meaning to a "3D Object" - which is essentially what the OBJ is.

So OBJ files are basically 3D it.

Now the Stereoscopic vs Monoscopic factor of the equation:

A Great analogy here:

"A standard 360 video is just a flat equirectangular video displayed on a sphere. Think of it like the face of a world map on a globe, but with VR your head is on the inside of the globe looking at the inner surface. As you move, the head tracking on your device moves with you, giving you that feeling like you are inside the scene.

Stereoscopic 3D can add another level of immersion by adding depth data between the foreground and background. Your favorite 3D blockbuster films are typically shot with 2 lenses side by side, to give you a feeling of a different vantage point per eye. Like any production, this can look strange if poorly implemented, or absolutely amazing if done right"

Ok, now thats a lot. Let me summarize:
OBJ Files - 3D Objects

Stereo vs. Mono-Scopic: Interacting in a "virtually" real place vs having a 3D image wrapped around your head. The "Immersion" factor" is the differentiation here.

So - how does this translate to CoreVR vs CustomVR:
I am not claiming full accuracy here, but CoreVR from what I heard has black screen through transitions, where as Custom does not. This is due to the development put in to create the Stereoscopic ability, which allows for better interaction.

In my opinion, my conclusion on this space with regards to VR:
Matterport has by far the best software widely available right now for what this industry has known to be accomplished.

The next winner in this space is the one who develops the ability to scan the environment, convert to 3D OBJ in a stereoscopic VR setting with the ability for people to manipulate the environment fully. This will allow for potential buyers to "architect" their vision within said environment.

In doing so - A Homebuyer could redecorate, organize, and construct. A Development or COnstruction company can show a "virtually" real architecture before the project even breaks ground here. Its unending. Currently, the Matterport cameras basically use the same technology as an XBOX Kinect camera. It is very possible they will not be able to achieve this without adopting a better technology for scan captures.

Hope that helps

The end
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