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Distinctive360 private msg quote post Address this user
Everyone - on my most recent tour I experienced a different kind of problem - at the end of moving thru a long hallway my scans started showing up at the other end of the hallway where I had originally started - it wouldn't place them where the camera had scanned. I ended up starting over and got thru it but thought has anyone experience this type of thing?

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JohnLoser private msg quote post Address this user
Ohhhhhhhh yes!!!!

On my very first trial scan! I live in an apartment building. I scanned the shared entryway - which is two floors, so I got to learn to scan stairs as well.

As I scanned, I saw that the alignment appeared on the wrong end on the corridor. I surmised the problem was the symmetry of the space. (This was confirmed later in an email conversation with Matterport Tech support.) This is one of the reasons that I decided to NOT move the camera as soon as the iPad says it's okay to move.

I found the solution was to look for non-symmetries and scan at closer intervals. Fire extinguishers, light switches or "jags" in the wall can be used.

You can make your own non-symmetries by placing "something" in the corridor that is not normally there... Maybe a newspaper at a doorway, or a "package".

Patience and creativity will help you.
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Distinctive360 private msg quote post Address this user
Thank-you! I will use use your suggestions!
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JohnLoser private msg quote post Address this user
Here is my very first test scan. It had alignment issues. I was scanning near one staircase on the first floor when I noticed it aligned with the other one. I made additional scans near the first staircase and also made certain I could see the mail boxes as "unique features". Then, I re-scanned and it aligned.
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