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Whats Matterports plan!!!2874

AAS private msg quote post Address this user
So by me in New York there was a big tech fair for agents. Of course matterport was there demoing selling and promoting. So it leaves me to believe whats there end goal. Do they want every market to be saturated with cameras? It seems like there pushing to everyone. Ive all ready spoke to 4 different agents. Two were thinking about buying 2 werent. What all four didnt realize was theres alot more overhead then just camera. They didn't understand there was a monthly fee plus each scan cost 20 bucks plus the layout. The one agent i talked to had the impression it was 3900 bucks and he was good to go. After he factored in the monthly expenses he decided not by camera. They also didnt realize editing and adding information and embedding takes time. They were under the impression 30 mins per thousands square feet thats it. So for me I understand there business plan to get a percentage of every camera and scan done but how far will it go?
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport will sell a camera to a blind as long as he has a valid credit card!, and I cannot blame them for trying. It is their business.

It is agents who should be smarter. I have found that many busy and successful agents preffer to hire MPSP, because they realize that one hour of their time talking to customers, visiting new properties and looking for buyers is far more valuable than paying 200/300 dollars for a scan in a 1,000 sqft apartment (and depending on the market it could cost even less than that).

Of course there are the others, the DIY men that want to do everything by themselves because they think that it is cheaper, ignoring the fact that their time is more productive doing the things they are best prepared to do.

Focus is the kew word in business strategy. Real estate agents should focus on what they are good at, and let others take care of the rest.

I don´t see many agents building their own websites, or designing and printing their own brochures, let alone taking high quality photos or capturing aereal views with a drone, so why this should be different with the Matterport Camera? Where is the difference?

In the long term perhaps Matterport strategy will prove to be wrong (selling to agents instead of promoting a vibrant photographers market). Their business souldn´t be selling cameras but collecting monthly fees and charging per model. The marging on hardware is not too high and perhaps those frustrated agents that cannot find a proper use for their new gadget will end up quitting, so no more monthly fees and no more new models at $19 each.

It is just an idea, I don´t have all the facts, but one thing is for sure: if you are a real estate agent and are considering purchasing a camera, please call and hire your nearest Matterport Service Provider.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
If Matterport would allow MSPs to sell cameras and receive a kick-back (either $ or credit), I would love to help sell cameras and offer a free consultation with scans. In my opinion, you cannot stop a Realtor from buying a camera, therefore, the best position to be in is to HELP them make that decision by allowing them to participate with you, have a hands on, and decide if its the right decision.

I think that if Matterport ended the $600 promotion and instead setup a system where they could book an MSP and receive $300 off if they order after a demonstration, they could give $300 in credit to the MSP against subscriptions or purchase of additional cameras and we'd all be happy.

The truth is -- I already do this. Even though I'm not standing to make any $$$ whatsoever, I'm VERY open to building trust with my clients and after working with perhaps 20 different Realtors this year, I have yet to see any of them buy one.

The one thing I tell them that does discourage them a bit is that another cost to take into consideration is the inevitability of a new model coming out and the need to make the purchase a second time if they want to stay ahead of the curve. It's a cost that I am preparing myself for despite having no concrete knowledge beyond assumptions.
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