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Need Out of the BOX Idea2869

GeorgeK private msg quote post Address this user
My professional realization that everything happens with an "Image" started about 5 years ago. I took a flip video and addressed the CEO of Bank of America. He did not like what I had to say it was about how they were handling short sales in San Diego. Well now I have lots more equipment including a Matterport. I did a FREE video for a Navy Spouse that is running for city counsel. (Video attached) It only took about an hour to do all the filming and a few hours to edit. I will just call this a good KARMA, pay it forward thing. But now to the question? How could a Matterport be used to promote a candidate? I have been struggling with this is there a way? Is the answer to this question out there in plain view? OK, check out the video if you want it is on 59 seconds so it can be shown on Instagram.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

✓ Offer to scan the campaign office?
✓ Offer to scan a non-profit that is dear to the candidate?
✓ Offer to scan a space that needs renovation "shine a light on"?

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ShahBatroukh private msg quote post Address this user
Set up a mock speech with the candidate. Freeze them in a good pose. Shoot the matterport front, back, and side. Now you have a 360 degree scan of the candidate. Use that with a slogan about seeing things from all angles.

Boom! (drops the matterport)
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the 3d model of a person does not come out very good.
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ShahBatroukh private msg quote post Address this user
I saw one, I think posted by @DanSmigrod, where it was a theater troop backstage. It looked pretty good. But yes, it would take some experimentation!
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
I think someone posted a model of a dental office full of people. That was interesting since you could walk through it and see what goes on there as if the people were frozen in time. Dan's ideas sound good, especially if you could give people the ability to go behind the scenes of an X and experience it the same way we can explore that Star Trek Matterport model. X would be something related to the candidate and/or her campaign. Whatever you scanned could become part of her websites, social media pages and maybe even YouTube if you could convert a Core VR experience into a 360 video.

As an average Web server, I would probably need to hear about something compelling to make me stop what I'm doing to view something the candidate wanted to show me. Adding to Dan's list of possible scanning locations view be beneficial with the question being,

"What environment could the candidate show people that people really felt a compelling need to view?"

Suppose, for instance, she wants to prevent the city from demolishing a local historical train depot. You could scan the depot and she could publicize that. If she had enough money, maybe she could afford to scan other locations related to her campaign goals.

Another option might be to get the candidate major attention for merely having a VR experience. That might happen if a local paper, TV station or radio station interviewed her primarily because she was the ONLY candidate who could provide potential voters with compelling VR tours of "X." Even if nobody visited X, she's got the free publicity and attention because she has Matterport models or Core VR experiences.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Anyone want to do a scan for @RealDonaldTrump? He has some large buildings in multiple cities.

More seriously though - perhaps a scan of a campaign HQ luncheon. I highly doubt that scanning a location where canvassers are gathered would be good as there might be sensitive information there.
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