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Matterport VR Transitions2856

immersiveprop private msg quote post Address this user
Does anyone know how to change the transitions in thr Matterport created VR? Some of the sample models had a fly through transition that looked like you walked to the next spot. However the VR models they created for us transition where the screen goes black then transitions to the next spot.

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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
That's the difference between CoreVR and the 'White Glove' Custom VR.

Matterport were likely aiming to automate creation of the tours that -you- experienced, were unable to do it reliably, and as a shortcut, came out with CoreVR to satisfy customers, investors, and take a big step towards the right direction.

Hopefully when they are able to automate the type of VR experience you are asking about, they will replace CoreVR with it as the paid option and allow people to pay to upgrade existing CoreVR 'conversions' (which aren't conversions, it's just a player that puts two instances of showcase side by side ... no stereoscopic effect).
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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
So the $19 versions will move from point to point without the black transitions?
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immersiveprop private msg quote post Address this user
@hometakes, below is the response I received from Matterport on my question. My understanding is that we have to get a quote and Matterport staff have to manually create the fly through transitions. The $19 may only give us the black transitions. See what you think from their response:

"Currently, fly-through style navigation is only available with CustomVR spaces. These are spaces that have manually been edited by artists to ensure a more comfortable VR experience.

With our new CoreVR offering transitions are the "fade to black" style only. This is by design. Fly-through transitions amaze some users, but can cause motion sickness for others. Instant transitions (fade to black) is quickly emerging as an industry standard for moving around in virtual reality while minimizing risk of motion sickness. We have done a lot of testing with this ourselves and most first time users still find instant transitions to be extremely compelling and immersive. Furthermore, instant transitions are available on a wider variety of Matterport Spaces and perform better on a wider range of hardware.

In short, while they may not be quite as flashy for some, Instant transitions have a great deal of benefits which is why they are the standard form of movement for CoreVR.

The cost for CustomVR varies with the size of the locaiton you wish to convert. For more information or to receive a quote, contact: vr [at] matterport [dot] com"
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VRealExperience private msg quote post Address this user

That is exactly how I read it. I am new and just got my camera last week, and all of this is very overwhelming, but that is what I am interpreting as well.
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aerialpixels private msg quote post Address this user
i can attest to getting motion sickness in the 'moving / cross fade' style transition.

and risking a client to get motion sickness is a big no no despite all the other benefits.
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immersiveprop private msg quote post Address this user
Here is the response from Matterport on this topic. It looks like they charge $500+ to do instant transitions. It looks like we are doing the fade to black transitions moving forward.

If you mean changing transitions with VR gear, then there is two options:

-CoreVR which fades to black and is currently free for your models.

-Instant transitions which needs to be configured and the starting costs are 500+ depending on the space size. Just reply back with the model URL and I can create a new ticket to get you a VR cost quote for a model. More on the transitions:

VR Transitions and Depth

If you mean changing transitions with highlight reel then there is two options:
- slideshow

-walk through
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