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White marks on glossy wood2849

Olivius private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone,

Not sure if you already seen this kind of problem but my client is not happy with it, and i can understand. look like it's the reaction with the wax and the infrared light inlow ligh environnement...

clickable text

If you have an idea how i can avoid this ? i'll shoot again during the day but really sure with the lower floor.


PS: I have already mail the support and waiting ...
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @Olivius

Were the lights in hall LED's as it looks to me that the blue you're seeing is caused by the lights. Some LED lights cast a blue effect which the camera picks up as specks and lines. This just may be the cause. If it is it's hard to tell which LED lights are the offending type. I've been caught out by this before as well and you only see the effect once the job has been uploaded.

If Tech Support concurs then the only solutions is to either turn off the lights which in this case is not an option or change the lights to another type of bulb for the shoot. Please not not all LED's seen to have this problem. I think it's mainly LED lights which were the first generation or really cheap LED lights.

Please let us know what Tech Support says.

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Olivius private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Gary thks for your return it was my first guess but it was not led lights... check even under the spots outside plastic have also the weird blue refraction and it's loo like it's comming from the camera ...

clickable text
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
I see what you mean, it almost looks like some form of interference. Please let me know what MP has to say about this.
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