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Matterport Spaces Tour vs Google Maps Tour2833

alsangio private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, could I get the advantages of using MP vs using google? Client just asked me.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Google's rules for Business View photography seem to say you can't photograph homes and apartments.

@bCome posted great examples of a place scanned using Matterport and photographed for display in Street View. Matterport tours seem to have more navigation points than Street View tours. That may or may not matter to some users.
(link - see last post in the thread)

Matterport PC models have dollhouses that help people explore a model quickly. Street View doesn't have doll houses like Matterport Showcase models do, but maybe that won't always matter much to Google Business View photographers shooting a small business.

Matterport also has Showcase VR models you can view in Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Google's official Street View app for Cardboard is a novelty at best and a chore to use. This Gear VR Visio Places app, on the other hand, is a very popular app that does something Matterport VR doesn't; in Viso Places Street View, you can materialize a handy navigation menu right in your room you're exploring. That menu enables you you to jump to another location instantly. In Matterport and other VR headset tours that have no nav menus, you must walk around to discover a property's other rooms.

Here's a shot I took from within Visio Places Street View Gear VR app. I'm in a room and I made the floating navigation menu appear. When I choose a location on the menu,I can jump there instantly. I can also bookmark any location I'm in.

Toursler, a Matterport competitor, builds PC/laptop home tours that resemble Matterport Showcase tours "in a way." A Toursler home or business has navigation points you can click on-screen to move around a room (example tour).

In January, Toursler introduced its first Google Cardboard VR app. Install it, and you can tour a home in VR the same way you can when you view a Matterport Core VR experience.

I don't know how Core VR works, but I'm guessing that a Core VR home consists of linked panoramas. If so, Core VR experiences seem to come closer to being like Toursler tours. Maybe Toursler VR homes will get better since they call their app "first generation."

To me, a Toursler VR home's quality isn't as good as a Core VR's quality. Objects, like in many VR experiences, seem a bit too large. Additionally, you must look down at a single arrow to move forward a little bit in a Toursler VR room. It's much eaiser to move around in a Core VR environment. But a Toursler tour does allow creators to add "dissolve" transition effects. Those transitiosn differ from blackouts you see when moving between Core VR room locations.

As far as VR headset experiences, Matterport Showcase models seem to beat anything that's out there, even without having navigation menus or dollhouses. Yet, I might find it difficult to tell the difference between a Core VR room and one seen using the Viso Places Street View app -- assuming the Street View photographer snapped a room from many locations the way Matterport photographers do. Core VR might win in a "shareability" contest. It's now pretty easy to share or post a Core VR link that someone else can use to view a property in Cardboard or Gear VR.

If I was a business owner, I might weigh my needs before choosing between a regular Matterport Showcase model and a Google Business View Street View tour. Matterport's dollhouse can be extremely helpful if a business is large. On the other hand, a business may be more "findable" if it's part of Google's maps/street view/business universe. As search results show, quite a few Google Business View photographers are competing to put businesses into Google Street View.

Google said it expects millions of people to eventually using it's new Daydream VR (which has it's own Street View app). Who knows what, if anything, that may mean for it's Business View Street View photographers and customers.
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