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MP in MLS question2777

Joelbcollins private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here even tho I've been stalking the Forum for months. I just bought the camera 2 weeks ago and have scanned 2 homes for agents so far.

They are asking about usage of the link/embed within their MLS listing page (so it will go out to their other outlets, i.e. Zillow, Trulia, etc.). They're only able to add 1 link in their video option, and one of them has a video already. So currently he put the MP code in the comments/description area in MLS. This is less than ideal as it requires the user to copy/paste the info in their browser.

Have any of you run into this? Is there a work-around? Solution?

I'm already working on them towards a One-Listing-Page option but I'm getting some resistance as I'm in a smaller market. I'd love to be able to offer them a solution with what they have to help garner me more good will.

BTW - they LOVE the MP model!
Thanks in advance for any tips/tricks!


Here's the 2nd one I did if you'd like to see:
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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
My first question is why don't they want to replace the video with your tour...
It should be better than what they have ?
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JakeRees private msg quote post Address this user
Use WP3DModels and offer to put The video and tour into a single property website for them.
Plus it gives you the ability to charge for extra services like landing pages.
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CLE3D private msg quote post Address this user
All depends on the local MLS and different marketing options they'd like to use. Our local MLS has multiple tour link inputs that agents can use to include the multiple options they choose to highlight - video, MP, more basic slideshow options (ugh...). Only these will auto-feed into Zillow, Realtor, etc. so we started offering a relatively cheap single property site like Koaware or by building them into your own site with WP3D and have the MP and the video as well as the rest of the property info all on one site.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with @JakeRees

Use WP3D models and create a single page website for the agent to have the tour, house details, photos, videos, floorplans and more.

It takes you maybe 5 minutes to do and you'll look like a hero to your clients.
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Joelbcollins private msg quote post Address this user
@DouglasMeyers - haha yes my sentiments exactly! However, he had already paid for a video before bringing me in. Hard for him to abandon something he spend $$ on. (Even if MP is better! He may still come around on it tho).

@JakeRees - I used the wrong terms in my initial post. I was talking about Single Property Sites when I said One-Listing-Page. It is definitely something I'm thinking of and have aleady mentioned it to them. They aren't quite there yet.

@Cle3d - So do you mean that I may be able to see if they can add something to their current subscription to their MLS service that would allow them to add multiple links in their video section?

@Queen_City_3D - I am strongly considering going this direction, but my clients are not there yet.

It seems that the Single Property Sites created with WP3dModels or Koaware are what most people here are doing. If this only takes 5 minutes or so to set up, have any of you offered this service to clients for free? As a value-added offer? After you've paid for WP3dModels, there's no other cost in creating the page correct? Just your time. Is this something that agents find useful or helpful once you've given it to them? I'm not getting any of that yet, but it may be just because they don't see the value of them yet, or just don't want to pay for them.

Much thanks for your input and suggestions!!!
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CLE3D private msg quote post Address this user
@joelbcollins - I guess it again goes back to it depends on the specific MLS unfortunately as they really do all work independently. I would probably be surprised if they had an addon subscription to add multiple links, but some just have additional fields for input, like our local service. Our local reps for the MLS are fairly receptive to getting together to chat and try to work towards making it better for everyone. Not saying things get done quickly, but they at least listen and give their own feedback and will eventually implement the good stuff.

For the single property sites, its a relatively small upcharge for my agents ($25-50 for most properties). It's not for every property, but is a great addon for many of the properties we work with.
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Joelbcollins private msg quote post Address this user
@CLE3D Do you know if WP3dModels works with Squarespace? I know it's for WordPress, and the Developer would have to implement it for me. May be a question for them I guess.
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CLE3D private msg quote post Address this user
I would doubt it because its a plugin for Wordpress specifically. But maybe @metroplex360 could offer some advice or thoughts? He'll probably recommend switching to wordpress though haha
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Joelbcollins private msg quote post Address this user
@CLE3D eesh. Yeah, that's probably not happening.

I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that if your site is not WP they can still work with you but it requires their dev. at an additional fee. But I could be wrong.
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BillJones private msg quote post Address this user
Easy to do, one link. On my site I upload the clients images, tours ect on a date basis. 1610 (2016, October) / address. For the tour I have one html template I plug in the address and maybe youtube url. They then paste in the url to the mls virtual tour link.

Loads the gallery, 360 virtual tour (I'm old school) and a youtube video.
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