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MSP Referral Service Test Drive2703

3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
So, I didn't want to just assume that the MSP system worked like they said it would, so I went in and asked for a Matterport Service Partner in my area to test it. When I got the response (2 days later) I found that the information for my listing was horribly formatted.

In an attempt to fix the problem, I logged into the MSP portal and looked at my profile to find it was all correct and formatted properly there. Does anyone know where I can go to correct the information so that it doesn't reflect poorly on my business? Thanks in advance!

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360Idaho private msg quote post Address this user
I've tried the same test, several times. Even though I'm the closest to my area, the leads went to other photographers in other states. It's supposed to randomly pick a photographer signed up in your area, but I don’t think that even works right because my name never comes up; always seemed to favor one person in another state. Apparently you can cover as many states as you want which I think is not only unfair, but impractical to the internet shopper. I think when they first started out, they wanted to show photographers in as many areas as possible so it wasn’t an issue. Now that we’ve grown, they should reevaluate their set up. I’ve written several times asking for a response, but have yet to get one. They must have bigger issues to deal with.
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Chadcloses private msg quote post Address this user
I was wondering about this myself. I signed up as an MSP, but haven't received any business or calls. Guess I will try this test as well.
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360Idaho private msg quote post Address this user
I wonder how many members are soliciting services outside their own state. Is the WeGetAround site part of every territory to collect leads....Dan?
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I am not sure I understand your question about collecting leads, so if I am not answering it, can you ask your questions a different way?

Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Referral Network - Green, Blue and Purple pins respectively on the Forum/Referral Network Map, have public profiles. We do this to make it super-easy and super-fast for potential clients to find a Matterport Pro.

✓ Basic Members get one "push pin" on the map.
✓ Standard Members get three "push pins" on the map.
✓ Premium Members get 10 "push pins" on the map.

So, it's self-filtering about "how much" Pros are willing to pay to mark their territory.

While there are some Pros that have Premium Memberships - 10 pins - for the most part, purple pins are Matterport 3rd Party Solutions Providers.

When you join the We Get Around Forum, you automatically are a Starter Member in the We Get Around Referral Network. Starter Members have red pins (without a public profile).

The red pins are placed based on a mashup of IP address meets locations. It's not precise, but close (except when Starter Members log in while they are traveling and their pin "follows" them.

To make it a bit more complex, we actually have a TON more "red" pins that are NOT on the Map because - at the moment - so many pins slows the load time of the page that we temporarily disabled loading all "red" pins.

That said, ALL 1,900 Members - now in 75 countries - show up on a non=public map. So, when the We Get Around Referral Network receives an in=bound request for a Matterport Pro - that either is a "red" pin - or no pin - we can easily locate a Pro to handle the request. We invite Starter Members to join as a Basic or Standard Member to receive the in-bound lead.

That "matching" happens quickly: typically within an hour or two. Plus, when we do not have a Member in an area where an agent is requesting a Pro, we run a Matterport Pro Wanted: in [City] notice - something that is reserved exclusively for the We Get Around Referral Network. When we do this, I typically receive Private Messages (PMs) within minutes. Some of these PMs are Pros that are willing to drive a long distance to service the lead. We typically "match" a Pro that is close by since that is best for an on-going relationship. Probably 80 percent of these Matterport Pro Wanted notices are filled within an hour or two. Probably 10 percent within four hours. Probably 5 percent within eight hours. Sometimes it takes a few days. In the two plus years that I have been "matching" Pros, we have had only only a handful of requests that we could not fill with a local Pro.

Today (29 September 2016), markets that we previously could not fulfill, can be fulfilled.

We are obsessed with filling in-bound leads super-fast because our Basic, Standard and Premium Members pay for potential leads - in addition to about 30 other Member benefits.

We believe that the first Pro to get back to the potential client gets the business.

So, our Pros pay to get leads first.

At one time, Matterport sent inbound leads for Pros to their sales team to see if Matterport could sell them a Camera. If not, then it eventually made it to a Pro. I learned this first hand when I reached out to the Matterport's MSP Program - not to shop them - but because we were not able to locate a Pro.

It took five days to hear back and I had to be persistent with Matterport leadership that I needed a Pro. I was told then, by a Matterport executive, that they were in the midst of ending that tactic of sending inbound leads for a Pro to the sales team to sell Cameras. (Yes. I was astonished too.)

We have a number of organizations that source Pros exclusively with us - first via the map and then email us if they can not source a Pro.

We have had in-bound inquires that simultaneously reached out to the We Get Around Referral Network and to Matterport and reported back that they were surprised how quickly we responded and that it took DAYS to hear back from Matterport. And, when they did hear back, it wasn't much more than a name and phone number.

Occasionally, I get inquiries from people thinking about buying a Matterport Camera and want to know if they would be first in the market. While we do our best to filter/qualify leads, occasionally a Matterport Pro Wanted: in [City] notice is a result of these inquires resulting in a waste of time by our Members. I am VERY sensitive to this.


P.S. Here are our related FAQs, some of which is covered above .....

About my Matterport Pro Wanted: [In Your City] Thread Posts that you see in the We Get Around Forum from time-to-time for the We Get Around Referral Network , here are some frequent asked questions:

Q: When do you run these Matterport Pro Wanted posts?
A: When we get a lead (that we have qualified) and do not have a Pro on our Referral Network map, we post the details of the project. Once Pros Private Message (PM) me, I qualify them, and then let them know if they Join our Referral Network, I will do a one-on-one intro.

Q: When you get a referral request in a city where you already have one Pro, what do you do?
A: We introduce the potential client to the We Get Around Referral Network member via email and cc the Pro

Q: When you get a referral request in a city where you already have more than one Pro, what do you do?
A: We refer the potential client to the We Get Around Referral Network map.

Q: If you run a Matterport Pro Wanted notice, do you always find one?
A: Typically, often within one hour - and typically within with four hours - and occasionally in 24 hours, I receive a PM from one or more in or near that city. On any given day, we have 3-4 times as many viewers of the Forum as we do Members, so it is very rare that we can not locate a Pro.

Q: If you can not locate a Pro, then what?
A: I begin reaching out to Members of the We Get Around Referral Network that are within driving distance.

Q: Can anyone run a Matterport Pro Wanted notice in the Forum?
A: No. The We Get Around Forum is sponsored by the We Get Around Referral Network which reserves the exclusive rights to post these notices. (I am the Founder of both the Forum and the the We Get Around Referral Network.)

Q: You do not post Matterport Pro Wanted notices as frequently as you did in the past. Why not?
A: As the Referral Network map fills up with Members - the green, blue and purple pins - we get fewer requests for referrals.

Q: Why do you get fewer requests for referrals?
A: Our vision is to make it super-easy and super-fast for potential clients to find a Pro. Thus, the Member profiles are public on the We Get Around Referral Network map. Potential clients find Pros quickly and easily and without having to Contact Us

Q: Can anyone Join the We Get Around Referral Network?
A: Yes

Q: How fast do you make referrals?
A: Nearly all referral requests are filled within hours. We believe that when a prospective buyer needs a Pro, they are ready to buy now. So, that's great for the We Get Around Referral Network Members because they get the intro (or via our Referral Network map) - super-fast.

Q: I am just starting out and do not have examples of Matterport Spaces 3D Tours.
A: We provide some or all of these examples of our 3D Showcases for your website. Details.

Q: Do you like making referrals?
A: Yes. My vision for the We Get Around Forum - and the We Get Around Referral Network - includes helping Pros get more business. And, it is a lot easier to get business from in-bound leads.

Q: Have you had any Pros cancel their membership?
A: Yes. A few. Some sold their cameras. One Joined, but wasn't ready to accept business. We do work hard at generating leads for the We Get Around Referral Network members. Since Members can cancel their month-to-month Membership at any time, it's very important that we deliver value. In addition to potential referrals, we added about 30 Membership benefits.

Q: Anything you are surprised about the We Get Around Referral Network?
A: Yes. I am surprised that every member of the Forum does not have a public profile on the We Get Around Referral Network map. What is the lifetime value of one new client for life? Plus, the other Member benefits are curated by me to help Matterport Pros succeed faster.

Q: If I Join Now and change my mind, can I cancel?
A: Month-to-Month Referral Network Memberships can be canceled at anytime. Our Pre-paid annual Plans usually have an extra value added in exchange for a commitment for 12 months.

Q: Other benefits of belonging to the We Get Around Referral Network that you do not mention in the Member chart?
A: Yes. We offer one-order/many markets. My vision is that the Referral Network lifts all boats. I explain how our Referral Network will accelerate adoption of Matterport 3D (and VR) Spaces. here.

Plus, we offer marketing videos at the bottom of this post - customized with the Pro's contact info and company logo.

Q: If I have a client that has has locations in multiple cities, should I receive them to the map?
A: No. Either you - or We Get Around - can provide one-order/multiple markets. If you have this opportunity, please PM.

Q: Why don't the We Get Around Referral Network Members give you 'shout-out's in the Forum?
A: They do not want to signal to the competitors that they are missing out on opportunities.

Q: Will you be my best friend forever, if I Join Now?
A: Yes

Q: Which Membership plan do you like best?
A: Standard Membership. It includes free use of WP3D Models which we consider an essential tool for running a Matterport Service Provider business (

Customized Marketing Video for Photographers

Video A: I am a Matteport Photographer

[b]Video C: I am a Matterport Photographer

Video 2A: I am a Matterport Photographer

Customized Marketing Video for Real Estate Agents[/b]

Video B: I am a Real Estate Agent that Uses Matterport

Video 1A: I am a Real Estate Agent that Uses Matterport
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