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Pano2VR Vs. Livepano (Kolor)2635

ShahBatroukh private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone. I'm trying to add to my 360 offerings, and recently purchased AutoPano Giga and Panotour by Kolor. The thing that attracted me was the Livepano ability seen here:

The interweaving of 360 photo with video at specific spots has some fantastic possibilities.

After days of testing, I am pretty disappointed. The final head blowing straw was finding out that it doesn't work very well with iOS platforms. Has anyone else had any luck? Any comparison with Pano2VR?

I know it's mostly Matterport discussions here, but I thought there might be some like minds.

Thanks for your time!
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Hopscotch private msg quote post Address this user
Hey there, was that your tour of the school? If so, I don't see why you don't love it. It's really great, and especially for someone in California, I love the video and the different activities in the school - it was a great blend of the 360° media and slideshow-style tour. I haven't tried Pano2VR, but I've only worked with still 360° images in a slideshow with RicohTheta S. The krpano stuff looks great though, and the images are super high quality. Good luck, and I hope someone else has some feedback for you that's more technical, but from a UX perspective, I thought it was great.
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ShahBatroukh private msg quote post Address this user
I agree, I thought it was an excellent example of Livepano. It's what convinced me to buy it. However, getting it to work like the example is something else totally different! User friendly it is not, and there is basically no North American support. It all comes from France and, while their English is WAY better then my French, there is still a language barrier on the forums.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm a huge fan of Pano2VR as I like the end result -- the way that the tours it produces feel great. Whenever I see a tour and really love the way it works, I check the software used to build it. I have yet to find a reason to use KRPano.
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ShahBatroukh private msg quote post Address this user
@Metroplex360 I would agree with you as well. The fact that I have to do so many workarounds, and hacks to make something work is clear sign there is something missing.

Do you know of any good Pano2VR example sites? I'd love to see something that has been created by them. Correct me if I am wrong, but with Pano2VR you are not able to interweave video with a pano, right?

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davemckean private msg quote post Address this user
Hi ShahBatroukh.
When I first started my business I tried to avoid switching to MP as I had invested all of my capital into my drone technology and tested many 360 tour software before finally settling on Kolor's suite. I too loved the idea of the live video in a static panorama. There is a pretty step learning curve on how to make it look half decent. The one of the school is really good and I see few stitching errors around the video. An example of what we were able to achieve can be seen here we had to move to MP as it is the only widely accepted virtual tour on our major real estate engines. I do still try to promote Panotour technology for other industries and believe it is really very effective. Happy to share some learnings. Email me and I will try and share some tips I have learnt. In regards to iOS compatibility I have found the following. This product works great on desktop, works well on tablet (video will automatically play whereas on desktop you click on the person with my settings) the disappointing aspect is on mobiles. The video opens up in a new window as opposed to being integrated within the tour.
The support is challenging and it is a lot of trial and error to get a workflow that delivers a good product. I believe I could deliver a better product by using something like a Ricoh Theta S or Samsung Gear 360. The product I made was using the DJI x3 camera and an Osmo. Looking to invest further in 360 camera tech soon.
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