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Real EstateRealtorStrategy

Add a Rider to For Sale Sign2631

davidpylyp private msg quote post Address this user
I find
that a sign rider creates additional traffic

When not in use this sign rider is occupying my rear windshield as a conversation starter.
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Coquitlam CAN
Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Nice. I use to do that but the realtors didn't like it

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Hilton Head Island, SC
CathieRasch private msg quote post Address this user
That's a great idea! We don't have For Sale signs in my area but I would definitely do that if we did. What was the objection Jamie? Maybe the agents don't understand how utilizing your services differentiates them from their competition?
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Coquitlam CAN
Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
One said it cheapened the listing. I mentioned adding theirs as well to hard brand the tour. The other 2 just said they didn't like it so I ended up just not using it anymore
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I occasionally use this sign that allows customers to text a code to a certain cell number to have the 3D model sent to their phone:

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Coquitlam CAN
Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah Jesse in Alberta does that too.
How do you find the reaction?
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@Jamie Is that question for me?

I find the sellers like the text code as an added service. Haven't had any complaints.
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JakeRees private msg quote post Address this user
Hey all-
We are actually working on a text based conversation system, its almost done, but we are having Dan take a look at it before we drop it on the forum. I only bring that up to tell you some best practices-

1. Local phone numbers convert way higher than 5 digit short codes. Short codes only receive 30-40% of what a traditional number would do. It has to do with business to consumer ideology, as a person buying real estate isn't a consumer in the sense of a bar or restaurant patron receiving a text for a free fry with their meal.Simplest way to put it is that typical people view short codes as a business and telephone numbers as a person.

2. Its all about Photos and Information. I'm with all of you that 3D is the [dodo], (and this is how we push our tours out too), but the typically person doesn't know about them and doesn't really care. "Up to the minute Property Info" or "Recieve Photos and Property Info on your Phone" have some of the best response rates across all price points, while "Tour the Home in 3D" or similar call to action, do not have the same interest level.

3. Text words are super important. Use real words if available, then 3-4 digit numbers i.e. 101, 102, 1248 etc. Numbers have a psychological effect for people, it gives the idea that the agent has/has had a ton of listings and is good at their job.

4. Its about data. You want to find out as much about a person as possible, it makes your product more valuable overall. Name, email, purchase price, when they are looking to buy, how big of a house they want, etc. Stop thinking about it as a tour send out, its an information grab at its core, the tour is just something of value.

I'm no lawyer, but from what we have gone through legal wise, anything incoming is cleared from the cann-spam act of 03 which included text marketing. This is important as you then get around the need for unsubscribe information.
We send off the data to the agent after collected via text, and they are then legally allowed to keep them in their data base forever as long as they "contact" them once every 6 months.

These are just a few things to keep in mind. There is a ton of information on text marketing, unfortunately we found a lot of it was twisted by some of the large text companies out there to be able to use text marketing in a wide variety of fields. So if you are going to look into it, make sure you take everything with a grain of salt and double or triple check.
@davidpylyp the sign rider on your back windshield is actually a really good idea!
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DBurroughs private msg quote post Address this user

I have to show mine. The QR code/HTML directs to a page that re-directs to the one I host the tour on. I can re-use the same signs over and over again. I always clear it with the realtors and generally only do it with one or two I am very close to business-wise. That way I am sure I get it back.
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71142 9 9
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