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Something Strange want to call Ghostbusters2481

Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, I have been mulling over this model now for 4 days. I just don't know how this is possible. In the dollhouse view the bedroom appears to be 100% fine. But when you toggle between floor plan views the bed mysteriously ends up on the first floor dining room table and on the second floor plan view that section is cut off. I have checked on my capture app and everything was marked as we would normally do. I have uploaded this model now 5 times trying different options even deactivating scans. I need to deliver this model to the client as I have another 38 Villas to scan for them.

On another note, duplicating models before uploading was still one off the best things I have learnt on this forum, it has saved me a lot of time and frustration. And also the new 360 degree exterior allows me to go back to previous models and add this in for the clients. So thank you to whom ever gave this advice you deserve a keg of beer.

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Wandsworth U.K.
RobinLycka private msg quote post Address this user
Could you post the matterport link and we can take a look and maybe get some ideas as to what it might be ?

Did you have any issues with sunlight or mirrors in the room?
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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @3DscannUK herewith the link. I had no problem with sunlight at all. The sun was rising from the opposite direction off that room. I still have a lot off clean up to do on the model. Thank you for taking the time to look at this I really appreciate it.
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Wandsworth U.K.
RobinLycka private msg quote post Address this user
I`m going to place my bet on the palmtree that´s captured outside the bedroom. Probably happened due to the way the pointcloud splits the floors, and the palm tree is perceived as ground floor, the first floor bedroom right next to it is perceived as part of ground floor due to it being the same height to the slanted ceiling. There´s a hole in the mesh in the bedroom wall, maybe a trim line that´s placed to close to the wall from the outside.

Try removing the trimline outside the wall (if there is any)

Try duplicating and delete the outdoor scans to see if it resolves it. This will at least tell you if it´s the issue or not.

Try emailing matterport support to see if they can do anything about it.

Screenshot of hole in the wall.

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