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Koaware, WP3D Models, or both?2451

Rootsyloops private msg quote post Address this user
I'm curious as to pro's and con's of Koaware vs. WP3D Models. I figured I'd try both to get a feel for each of them, but would love the thoughts of those more experienced than me.
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3rd Party
KoaWare private msg quote post Address this user
Hey @rootsyloops! We saw you created your first site earlier today, thanks for giving us a try- looks great! We'll let other users jump in and offer their opinions, but are happy to answer any specific questions that pop up along the way.


The KoaWare Team
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tomjones2787 private msg quote post Address this user
Have not had the opportunity to try WP3D but Koaware is great.. Few things I wish I could change .. And maybe we can..
My client already owns the domain they wish to use .. I don't believe we can use This?

I'd like to have some customization options.. What they offer is so easy as is but some advanced features would be great

I also would like to remove the branding at the bottom of the page.. I don't want my clients to be able to see what I am paying.. Especially when I uthe sel the service.
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Rootsyloops private msg quote post Address this user
Hi koaware team - thanks for weighing in! One question/suggestion I have - and I mentioned this earlier in regard to wp3d sites - is getting "stuck" in the matterport model. Typically, I would use the mouse scroll wheel to move out of a tour/video, etc and work my way down the page. Is there a way to disable the mouse scroll, or even better, some easily apparent way to exit the tour that could be added? This is especially troublesome when viewing the 3D tour on an iphone; the tour opens up in the full screen and I literally can't find a way to exit it. Any thoughts or upcoming features you could share would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks again - I should add that I love the look and the simplify of your sites - very well done!
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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
Missoula, MT
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

Ross here from WP3D Models. Happy to answer any questions here as well. Thanks!
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pixelray private msg quote post Address this user
I use them all...WP3D, KOA and I have clients that prefer the single property sites offered by KOA and Showcaseskins and from WP3D.

WP3D is awesome cause it fuels my company website. Every time I do a project for a client, it automatically adds that work to my gallery page on my website. My one issue is the photo gallery. I shoot full frame Nikon. The photo gallery there auto crops my images and it just doesn't show my full photo - it cuts off the top and bottom. I have tried several suggested fix's but it only made things worse. So, I just move forward with the cut off photos for now. Only other thing I am waiting on is a place where I can input my company info that links to my company website at the bottom of the sites I sell to agents. Currently there's just links back to WP3D. but hopefully Ross's next update will address my ONLY two issues

KOA - easy to use - just fill in the info it asks for and you get the site to give to your clients. My issue here is that they all look identical. No different styles to offer. Also, I would love as a photographer to have a place at the bottom of the page where I could put my company information as I am the one providing the content. - they have quite a few different skins so you can change the look of your single property site...problem for me has been all the bugs. Maybe now they are worked out? It still shows it's in the beta phase, so maybe not. I ran into quite a few bugs with the different skins. But I have 2 that I use often for clients that love them.
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Rootsyloops private msg quote post Address this user
Great info, Pixelray - thank you!

I've built one Koa site so far. Insanely simple and I was very happy with the result. I do have the similar concern that all the sites would look identical. I'm having a company website built on Wordpress right now. I haven't quite gotten to the point of adding the Wp3D "plug-in" yet. Hopefully that's relatively simple.

I'll definitely check out Showcaseskins as well - hadn't heard of that one.

From everything I've seen with Wp3D, the support and options are outstanding, but I have to admit, I'm just a bit intimidated by it. I'm comfortable with editing software and know my way around a computer, but have virtually no website building or coding experience - more of a plug-and-play guy...

Ross - based on my above lack of experience, is there some sort of a step-by-step guide for dummies to start using Wp3D?

Thanks again to everyone for the responses!
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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
Missoula, MT
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks guys...

@pixelray - I appreciate the feedback here, and yes....we're definitely working on a different gallery option to address image cropping sizes. The next version also includes the ability to add links into the "Disclaimer" area of the "skinned" view, so you can easily add a link to wherever you like.

@Rootsyloops - I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling intimidated! We're here if you have any questions and always offer a 30-day money back guarantee if the product isn't working like you'd hoped. Also, to be perfectly clear, there's no "coding" involved with using WP3D Models. While the software does need to be installed on your site (very easy) everything else was built to mesh right into your WordPress-based site. Remember also that there is no limit or per-page cost when using WP3D Models. You can create as many single-page-sites as you like and ALL of the SEO/traffic/credit comes back to you and your company URL. I'll reach out to you directly re: step-by-step guides and/or training options.

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Rootsyloops private msg quote post Address this user
Awesome! Thanks Ross. I'm definitely excited to start integrating WP3D.
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3rd Party
KoaWare private msg quote post Address this user
Hey @Tomjones2787, @rootsyloops & @pixelray, thanks for all of the feedback! Happy to help address these questions/requests...

Domains: We've designed our Property Site platform to be a one-stop shop for creation, hosting, and domain purchases; you cannot add an outside domain to our Property Site for a few functional reasons.. first, it becomes a manual process for both the user and our team internally to make the switch. Additionally, based on the structural functionality of the platform, attaching an external domain can affect the Contact form and CTA button.

Custom Features: We hear you! We have exciting new sections and features in the works for advanced customization.

White Label Options:
This premium feature is available with our recently released bulk subscription offerings! All tiers unlock the white label feature that removes the KoaWare branding at the bottom of the Property Site. We will be releasing an update in the coming weeks for you to add your own custom branding as well. We'll make an announcement when that's pushed! (All pricing is displayed upon clicking "Save/Publish" after creating a Site.)

Matterport View: The default view requires you to click "play" for the view to start. Because the Property Site is designed to be full width and responsive, you can scroll over it before it's loaded, but once it's open there's no way to disable scrolling based on Matterport's embed code.

We always announce updates and new features to existing customers via email first, then on Facebook & Instagram, and of course the MUG forum. Feel free to stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletter as well.

~ Kristyn
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3rd Party
KoaWare private msg quote post Address this user
Hey All!

I wanted to follow up with some newly released feature updates to our bulk subscription plans! All tiers grant access to premium features, including white label (removing KoaWare branding in the footer), and our new feature, the ability to add your own custom branded footer.

Simply click, type, and edit to add your own custom branding, see a quick demo here!

Our bulk subscription pricing is a great option for people creating multiple websites per month, feel free to learn more here.

As always, feel free to reach out to for any questions or technical support.


KoaWare Team
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