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What would you charge for a Mall?2434

ThreeDImaging private msg quote post Address this user
I have only done small jobs. I was contacted by someone who asked me what i would charge to scan a mall. This person owns malls all over the united states, over 5,000,000 square feet of scannable space.
I want to know what you would charge to scan a mall somewhere between 100,000 - 500,000+?
Would you charge by square foot or set price?
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cire385 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm new to this so following. It was my understanding 200 scans was about the max is there a way to do something that large?
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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
No after 200 they charge you for the next upload..
I just did 245 scans took forever to get back (8hrs) but was charged as 2 tours.
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ThreeDImaging private msg quote post Address this user
Douglas, was that of a mall or a house?
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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
i would try to charge by the day. That's how I charge for architectural photography work. I'm working on an 11,000+ MP residence and since there's outside stuff I'm doing lots of scanning after sunset so I don't get home til 9:00. Upload and go to bed and when you wake up . . . This one will easily hit 300 before it's done. The owner wants the drive over the private bridge which is flat and featureless and I just don't see that aligning. A mall I did had alignment issues in a space that was repetitive. Halos showed up at random places. It had a tile design on floor which I thought MP would pick right up on. I was mistaken.
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Vizocube private msg quote post Address this user
You would need to do multiple models splitting up floors or wings of buildings and create a web page to host them in one place for folks to be able to explore them. Its a very time consuming project. Don't know what your time is worth, but what ever you are thinking ad 50% to that number and you should be on a safe side then. There is a good possibility you will need to go back and re do some scans. I wish you success and luck with this project.
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smcclell private msg quote post Address this user
I was unaware it works this way..

"No after 200 they charge you for the next upload..
I just did 245 scans took forever to get back (8hrs) but was charged as 2 tours."

I know you can go over the magical 200 but not that your charged more. I don't believe that you can just keep going and going and it's just a monetary concern though. Can others confirm?
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suncoastskyview private msg quote post Address this user
I just don't see the Matterport being the right tool for such a huge floorplan as a mall. It would amount to hundreds and hundreds of scans and many weeks of work on your part. You might want to check with the MP tech support guys to see if it is even possible to stitch that many scans together. If it were me, I'd suggest to the customer to do it on video instead or perhaps a still-photo slideshow.

Please let us know your progress as you investigate this possibility. I'd love to hear what the tech guys have to say.

Best of luck.

Rick Odato
Suncoast Skyview
Sarasota, Florida 34243
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FuturePhotography private msg quote post Address this user
I always thought 200 scans was the limit too? Has something changed? I have several large projects lined up and I always told the customers, that I would have to split the tours up, so no scan is over 200. I believed there would be aligning problems and might not load correctly if too the scan is too big.

@ persin: Good luck on your project. Please keep us updated on how it turns out
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ThreeDImaging private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you all for your advice.
When the owner contacted me he told me he does not want to waist my time (I offered to come down to his office an give him a demo) until I can give him a price. So I have been looking for alternatives to Matterport that I can offer him.
I currently charge around .20 per square foot for residential houses. I can do about 1000 Square feet an hour, 10x1000= 10,000 square feet a day. A "small" mall of 100,000 would take 10 days. If I were to charge somewhere between .07 and .10 cents per square foot it would be 700.00-1000.00 a day for a 10 hour day (that's 100.00 dollars an hour. Take off about 110.00 a day for The processing fee and monthly membership). Plus they would have to pay for travel expenses which include a Rental car, hotel, food, etc. This comes out to at least 12,000.00 for a "small" mall.

I personally think this would scare them away.
I want to present as many options as possible (The more likely I am to get the job). So I have spoken with the people at inside maps, who are very helpful and willing to work things out, and this sounds a lot better. I think I will be able to charge somewhere between 2.5 - 5.0 cents per square foot and finish a mall or 100,000 square foot in 2-3 days.

But... I am still looking and up for suggestions.

P.s there's a lot of discussion regarding the quality and performance of Matterport alternatives but another thing that this man told me was he does not need something so detailed.
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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@persin I hate to say this, but the Ricoh Theta S might be the best solution . If you get one, make sure to follow Dan's advice (Upgrade Firmware, Always shoot in HDR) and shoot some samples. I didn't like the quality of the Theta S, but this customer might. I also don't like injesting through the Street View App. I took my Theta S tours and upscaled them to the minimum required size for Trusted Street View (ewww) and uploaded them that way. I've removed all 3 of the tours I've done and swapped them for MP2SV conversions as my client wasn't happy.

In theory ... What you could do is use the Matterport and split it into multiple tours -- many many tours -- sections -- and have the entire thing converted into one massive street view... however, I still think that the size of the mall and the speed with which the Matterport functions is going to be very difficult to you. If you pulled this off, we would hail you as a hero.
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VRealExperience private msg quote post Address this user
Curious as to where this ended up?
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ThreeDImaging private msg quote post Address this user
the person is not interested right now but i plan on trying back in a couple of months.
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