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ICSF16 - How to Use Video to Get Listings...2330

Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
How to Use Video to Get Listings and Enthrall Buyers

(Many perceive Matterport as video)[/b]

Benefits to videos

- help recruit new real estate agents
- super-charge social media
- buyers expect it
- if you are not creating content, no one knows
- create content
- dive into content
- look at what other agents are doing with video (and do it)


- 73 percent more likely to list with an agent that uses videos, says NAR
- 4 percent of agents use video, says a panelist
- 3/4 of all internet traffic will be video
- videos up to 30 seconds to 2 minutes

How to Promote Video

- social media: Facebook (likes/shares) (personal and business)
- look at video as prospecting (in-bound marketing)
- Google (PPC) (remark listings) (banners) (everything back to your website)
- video is the cheapest way to market via Google
- take "that link" any put it any where you can
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jntooker private msg quote post Address this user
@dansmigrod thanks for this!

You said many perceive Matterport as video...do you happen to know if Matterport tours are weighted the same as video in the complex Google SEO algorithms? Maybe this is a question for Matterport but we've got some smarties here, has anyone been able to determine this?
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New Brighton, PA
frstbubble private msg quote post Address this user
@jntooker I would say it is not but I do not know. I do know that Youtube is weighted higher than Vimeo. But what else would you expect with who owns Youtube.
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Hilton Head Island, SC
THRHHI private msg quote post Address this user
Yep you are right frstbubble. In fact I believe Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web.
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jntooker private msg quote post Address this user
Good points!
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